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    I'm going into Medical Office Assisting this year for an AAS degree. I completed my FAFSA and all I got was I may be eligible for Federal Loan of 5,500. This is not nearly enough. My parents saved up nothing for me, they are going through a chapter 13 bankruptcy so they can't co-sign for private loans or do the direct PLUS loans. They want me to be out on my own, and I want to have a place of my own as well but I am going to be going to school full time. Am I just going to have to juggle full time and odd jobs or what? What are my options? Are there any companies with private student loans you can get easily? Or Should I just settle for my 1 year West Little River Certificate instead of AAS? I'm still so confused with this college stuff, any information helps.. Thanks.

    Well, if your parent's credit is denied, you should be eligible for $9500 infederal student loans in your name. Only one has to do the credit check, so when you do it, pick the parent with the worst credit. As for private loans, you probably will not be able to get one without a co-signer and it sounds as if your parents would not be accepted as co-signers because of their situation. Is there someone else--say, a grandparent--who could cosign for you? In this situation, you can also make an appointment with your financial aid department and ask about a professional judgment (also known as an appeal). All financial aid officers have the power to change the information on your FAFSA if you can document that your financial situation has changed significantly since the last tax return, or if you can show that it is likely that it will be changed during the coming award year. If your parents are going through bankruptcy, you might be able to show that they no longer have the income/assets that were shown on your FAFSA. If so, you might be eligible for some grant money. Hope that helps. Good Luck

    In any case, you probably need a part time job to support your living expenses- I don't see how the loans will be enough to cover that. You will also need to check out finaid.org/loans/privatestudentloans.pht... for a list of private loans which can supplement federal aid. Oh yea, and also this website directschoolloan.org for more general info. Best of luck! =)

    If you want to be out on your own, you need to get a full time job to pay your rent and other living expenses, then financial aid can pay for your school. You won't qualify for any private loans without a cosigner with strong credit.

    Bypass back to the government. you could charm your very own loan asserting you do not have adequate money to handle to pay for training, could paintings could not, in spite of the fact that that's well worth a shot. additionally some banks grant pupil loans, however the only distinction between them and a central authority pupil loan is that activity starts off as quickly as you recieve your very own loan, however the economic company would be greater keen to grant you additional money.

    School for a medical assistant program should not cost more than $5,000 per year. If you want to live on your own, you need to get a job, living off of loans is a recipe for disaster.

Unfair Restriction of 3 hours for half marathon race by participants to be eligible for timing certificate?

  • Helene Hills
    Helene Hills
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  • Freeman Grady
    Freeman Grady
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  • Isabell Wilderman
    Isabell Wilderman
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    Maxime Padberg
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  • Jettie Heathcote
    Jettie Heathcote
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