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    I've heard that 5 credit cards is the magic number when it comes to credit, and I also know that alot of creditors look at the history of credit open. But I have two that are under $1,000, and the companies refuse to raise my limit. Should I close the cards and open new ones, close them and don't open any new ones, or just don't close the cards at all.

    First, there is no "magic number" for the number of credit cards you should have. One card is all it takes to have a credit history, both good and bad. Second, closing a credit card, no matter how large or small the credit limit is, will affect your credit score. This is only because the amount of available credit will decrease. The drop in your score will be small, and, because the amount of the cancelled card is only $1000, it will be a very small drop. An earlier answer said it best: every card you have open will be one more card to monitor, and one more account that will be at risk should the card be lost or stolen, and one more account that could be exploited by an identity thief. Personally, I would close the cards you are not using (just not at the same time; that will really hurt your credit) and not open any more. The even better thing would be to close all of your credit cards and start using a debit card or cash for all of your purchases. Contrary to popular belief, you can get loans without a credit card, and paying only with money you actually have will help you start saving more. With a lot of saved money, you can afford large purchases, like a major appliance or even a car, without having to worry about how you are going to pay for it in the future.

    If your credit limit on the JCP is still only $500 after 13 years, you seem to be doing something wrong - like not using it. Never known an annual fee on a conventional Mastercard or Visa card unless it is a credit builder card. You should pay off and close the Best Buy, Walmart, Visa Target and JCP. That will leave you with three cards which is quite enough for the average person. Cards used regular with monthly payments always paid on time usually get credit limit increases. The lack of such increases in your case indicates non-use

    It depends what you want to do. If you are wanting to build up credit rating to apply for greater credit for a mortgage you are best to close as many cards as you can because even if your cards are nil they still put down that you owe what ever your credit card limit is. The only thing that will affect your credit is by not keeping up with your payments on time.

    Just let them sit, closing them will count against your credit score. there is no "magic" number when it comes to credit cards - it's all about what you can reasonably afford without owing a lot of money.

    Try looking at it from this view. Every card that you keep open is another account that you have to monitor. It's one more account that you have to spend time on. It's one more account open for fraud and West Palm Beach theft. Take the small hit on that number for a time in return for less hassle and worry. Good Luck

    From what I know The amount of cards or the amount of debt you have are not as important as inquiries, newly opened accounts, newly closed accounts, high loan to limit, and of course late payments. My advice, don't use them, leave them opened.

    I agree with the rest. Make sure there is no annual fee or participation fee. or whatever they call it. and just keep it, if you really dont want it, cut it. closing it will only harm your credit and keeping it will do nothing but help because your debt to credit ratio will be effected.

    If they don't charge any annual fees, I'd keep them open.

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