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    (1) What macro-economic problem is the business sector worried about? What are some specific ways the Fed might respond to these fears? (2) Are there any potential costs or downsides to the strategy or strategies that you described in part 1 other than the ‘moral hazard’ idea mentioned by the Post reporter? (3) What does this story have to do with the concept of “credit rationing?” What is your opinion on the appropriate level of credit rationing in the market for home mortgages? If you think there should be more credit rationing in the future than there was in 2000-2005, how should this be accomplished? Through the first part of this decade, housing prices in places like New Jersey and California almost doubled. One reason seems to be that speculators bid up home prices. They didn’t care how high prices went, as long as they could turn around and sell the home to another investor. Another, related reason is that it became easier in this period for speculators and people with bad credit to obtain mortgages to finance the purchase of ever-larger homes. But in 2007 home prices fell sharply: the “housing game” was over. Many people defaulted on mortgages that were supportable only if homes continued to appreciate in value. New home builders and mortgage brokers went out of business. All of these events were widely reported in the media. Many businesses outside the housing sector then began to worry that there would be a drop in consumer confidence that would make it unwise to invest in new plant and equipment at the prevailing interest rate. Naturally, these conditions came to the attention of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Washington Post described the dilemma facing the Fed as follows (August 19, 2007): (Fed Chairmain Ben) Bernanke is trying to balance two competing interests. If he doesn't do enough to calm the markets, businesses might become more cautious and decide to hold off on buying new equipment. Consumers might pull back on their spending. Economic growth would slow down. On Friday, the University of Michigan said that consumer confidence in August hit its lowest level in a year. But there's the risk of doing too much to soothe the markets, too. If Bernanke moves too aggressively to calm things down, it might result in the bailout of people who made foolish bets, such as those who issued mortgages to borrowers who couldn't afford them. That might encourage investors in the future to take even more irresponsible risks, a problem economists call "moral hazard."

    I understand, you are good @ economics and want reply from one who is not. it's me - right here. Housing prices always double in 5 years in " reasonably poor" country like India . Nothing wrong. they do not in USA , so Morgan and Lehman and Goldman created a pool of defaulter's to push the prices up and push their profits up. That's all. But US banks are " creating " trade, money, credits, transfers, deliveries , debts " on paper" since 1995 ! Nothing new !! what went wrong ? A french bank in far east threw away all american pares out of the window and the world panicked ! SHOW West Palm Beach THE MONEY - name of the game !! American banks rushed for cash, found huge backlog on " sub-prime" housing loans ( in fact it wasn't that simple) , asked them to pay , those poor defaulting " proxies" could not and " honestly" opted to sell mortgaged properties which crashed the market. i name the trinity - because the sub-prime game was not isolated, as it turned out big companies were also involved as linked to the trinity so - so, banks gloomy , stocks crumbled. The funny part of capitalism is that no " businessman " is ready to run a " business" unless allowed to play a huge stocks game - so companies started showing LOSSES ! Then lay-offs and retrenchments !! Now the real capitalism surfaced - people with no money made the free market crumble and vendors "held back "' the supplies waiting for profits and prices rose . Oh - recession , Oh - stagflation !!! So cut taxes, bail them out, cut rates and bring them to life . that's the theater !! I think the president owes more to the party than to the innocent voters and the party owes to the funding companies and so - let us play the game of free spirit, free speech and free market !!!

    I cant read that, but im going to assume that you are looking for a "fiscal cliff" for the first one. businesses have cash but dont want to spend it. thus, concocting a lot of debt persuades them to invest those paper notes under the prospectus of considerable depreciation in value. however, investing those dollars isnt that simple because they dont know what their tax rate is going to be; they really cant plan and thus become reluctant to spend and invest. moving forward, the govenment continues its reign of terror on the american sharehoarder and deficit spending into the foreseeable future and beyond the black hole. amen *oh but for the school assignment, id say something like the fed tries to bring certainty to the market by offering guidance and improving investor confidence and satisfaction, which means they need to feed this thing with ultra-low rates and virtually free money because it SUCKS so bad

    Do you extremely comprehend grant area economics? it really is not in basic terms about lowering taxes on employer vendors; it makes a speciality of both guidelines that help improve capital for brand new and increasing agencies and on the expenditures of production. The "well-known information" isn't continuously perfect. so that you'll really authorities bypass to each and every of the difficulty and cost and administrative value to tax a employer and then spend money with agencies really of in basic terms letting agencies save their personal nicely-merited money to commence with? that would not make a lot sense, both.

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    Anastacio Mann
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    Alvena Zulauf
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