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    I just can't pinpoint what started this or when it started. To me, it started when the gas prices were so high last year. All of a sudden, foreclosures started coming out of the woodwork. WHY?? Then the banks went under. Then the car companies. Most of this happened under Bush. Was he at fault? If so, why? How did he do it? Thanks for your answers!

    This is what happens when economic bubbles collapse. We have them every few decades, maybe more often, and so do other countries. This was a real estate bubble. 2001-2002 was a technology/dot.com bubble. Japan had a massive real estate bubble in the late 80's, and they are still trying to recover. What happened is that people got mortgages with teaser rates that reset to higher interest rates. They couldn't refinance because interest rates had climbed higher. Banks began to see defaults rise, so they stopped their practice of lending to anyone who had a pulse. Foreclosures caused house prices to fall, so other people who had taken out home equity loans they couldn't afford also couldn't refinance when interest rates increased and the loan came due. That caused more foreclosures and home prices to fall more. Banks were badly pinched by losses on their real estate loans, so they couldn't really lend money anymore at all, even to people and businesses with good credit. They need a certain amount of capital to lend money, and their capital was depleted by losses on their mortgage loans. That made businesses large and small unable to get credit. If a loan came due and they couldn't renew it, they paid it off as best they could. They had to lay off people to save the money needed to pay down debt. As people lost jobs, that causes retail sales to fall, which hurt more businesses large and small. The cascade just keeps going from there. This always happens. The only difference is what starts the cascade, and how far it goes. Was Bush at fault? Maybe a little, but not much. It's not like any other politician saw this coming and was out there demanding that we put the brakes on people getting mortgages they couldn't afford.

    The democrat congress blocked every effort by Bush to investigate the housing market. Any one with an West Palm Beach could get a house financed with no money down. Suddenly the government insured loans became due and nobody could pay them. The oil is another matter. The republicans tried several times to drill on our own land. The democrats blocked every effort. So investers saw the chance to make money buying low oil and selling high since we didn't have any of our own. They are starting to do it again. The democrates now have control of both housing and cars. The two most essential parts of life in America.

    As much as I would love to lay all the blame on GW, it started way before he" took" office. The culture corporate greed which had always been festering in the background just blew its cover on GW's watch under which big business & banking interests went on an uncontrolled binge of "profit taking" while the government was busy on its own war spending binge. The bubble had to burst sometime & it does periodically regardless of who is in the Whitehouse. Follow the money.

    The banks realized how much trouble they were in for making bad loans, It started whem the democrats took over congress and pushed for loans to people who could not repay The dems controlled congress the last two years that Bush was in office

    Slick Willey Clinton and the inside job of 11/4/2008

    This one time a Bear Sterns executive got this crazy idea that he could make a terrible mortgage look appealing, and convert it into a tradable security.

    As i've said before,this has been planned for many years,but they do it in a way that you have difficulty in seeing it.they can't fool everyone all the time.not when someone knows how they play their game.keep watching them and get ready for the great screwbydo.

    Barny Frank and the Libs.

    Federal Reserve Bank 1913 You didnot go back far enough.

    No regulation....thank you Sen Graham Bill Clinton signed the bill...the bill had 100% Repub support and enough Dems to over ride any veto

Dealership threatening me?

  • Jeramy Heathcote
    Jeramy Heathcote
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  • Grant Nienow
    Grant Nienow
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  • Ernesto Spinka
    Ernesto Spinka
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  • Alberto Gleichner
    Alberto Gleichner
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  • Jayden Stanton
    Jayden Stanton
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  • Lillian Kiehn
    Lillian Kiehn
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