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    My roommates and I are looking for a house to rent in Orange County, West Palm Beach and came across a company that deals with homes that are 'in danger of being foreclosed'. This company is telling me that we can rent the house and the money would actually go towards the monthly payments for the house. If we stay there long enough and eventually pay off the mortgage we have the option of transfering the title and deed in our name. Does this sound legitimate?

    Updated details: My roommates and I are looking for a house to rent in Orange County, Ca. We came across a third party company that describes themselves as investors whom home owners seek to help find renters and/or buyers to help pay for the rest of the mortgage before it is foreclosed. The homeowners do not want to risk getting bad marks on their credit so they go through this company. The company does not ask for any credit checks, income verifications, or loan applications. They require at least a 6month stay at the home and that rent is paid every month. For example a 3bd 2.5 bath in Irvine, Ca would go for $1800 (which is EXTREMEMLY a good deal). What I want to know if this sounds legitimate and what questions I should be asking if I decide to go this route? Thanks

    What you are describing sounds kinda like "renting with an option to buy" which is legitimate but has nothing to do with the house being in danger of foreclosure. Essentially you sign an agreement that you can buy the house after however much time 9specified in the agreement) and a specified price. Additionally, some of your rent can go into a seperate account and when you exercise your option to buy you can use that rent for closing costs or to reduce the mortgage you would otherwise have to take out (again this is all specified in the agreement, and this part is optional ie some rent with option to buy agreements won't have it). You may have to pay rent above market rent (maybe not) and if you decide not to buy the place the extra rent is probably lost to you. So, if market rent is $800 per month you many pay $900 per month, but maybe $300 per month is set aside for you to use on closing closts. So, after one year you have $3600 ($300 per month times 12 months) for closing costs. This is good for the landlord because although he effectively only got $600 per month rent (900 you paid minus 300 set asside) he does not have to pay commissions on this sale and probably saves way more than $3600 there. ALso, is you don't buy the palce he effectively got $900 per month rent. Good for you as you can buy a place with closing costs paid (up to $3600) and you effectively got below market rent. Two things, you absolutlely should avoid this for a house in danger of going to foreclosure as a forclosure would wipe out your agreement. Also your money does not really go towards the current loan, but you get a new loan when you buy the place. if the situation you describe is really you taking over a mortgage of someone for them to avoid foreclosure - never done that. I guess its possible, but very tricky and a foreclosure would still wipe out whatever agreemeent you had with the owner so if the property goes into foreclosure you have the bad choice of covering the owners unpaid mortgage or losing your agreement. Just be careful with this, as a guy going into foreclosure will have no problems screwing you over.


    No no no! What can happen is they'll take your deposit, first and last month's rent and as much rent as they can squeeze out before the forclosure. The ownders are already behind in their payments, so this is just a way to pull a little more cash out of the property before they lose it. If they file bankruptcy, you'll just be listed as another creditor and your chance of recovery would be slim. In the meantime, if the house forcloses, the bank will post an eviction notice on your door.. they don't care that you're renting it, they'll want you out so they can sell it. Common scam called "rent skimming", do a Google search on it.

    Hi, I am a real estate broker in Irvine California and as one person mentioned, chances are it's a common scam called "rental skimming". I deal with these "investors" all the time. Since these people are in my area, please send me their contact info. I would be very interested in their "business". It takes at least 7 months to foreclose on a property and after the six months, your deposit is gone. You want to test them out, just tell them that you will pay the lender directly and see how they respond. Also, e-mail me and I can help on your search. I help people find rentals for free. Regards

    No, it doesn't. These are very serious contracts and a person and their "roommates" shouldn't enter into these unless they plan on spending the next 30 years together. You also shouldn't enter into anything like that without legal representation either by a Realtor (that YOU hire) or a Real Estate attorney (that YOU hire). I think you would be better off getting it as a straight rental or finding another place.

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