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    I cared for my mother for most of three years before she died of Lewy Body Dementia, after five years of partial care. My dad got cancer while my mother's dementia increased, and I took care of him too until he died three years later. I quit a graduate nursing program to care for my parents, and am still paying $$$ back. I heard of people pleading for loan help online years ago, but with the financial crisis now, I wonder if such a thing still can happen -- people helping people that helped people.

    Student loans can be deferred for a number of reasons - returning to school is one, economic trouble is another (for up to 3 years). If I read right you have been out of school for 6 years You can either return to school, take deferment if you have not already done so, or you can return to work as a nurse until these loans are cleared up. Not a lot of options. As far as I know there is no assistance for loan forgiveness in these programs just for helping others no matter how noble the action.. Remember that while they may be"federal" student loan programs they are not government owned or run just guaranteed. If you default you will never get a job in the federal work force including the West Park and any tax returns will be taken until the loans paid by the government are repaid. I admire your moral sense of duty to your parents. God knows of your sacrifice and will not abandon you, but as you are learning, in life it is often the good deed that appears to get punished. Thankfully you have a BSN. You have good earning potential and can clear these up within a fairly short time frame. I know it does not seem fair, but when you reach a later stage in life what you have done will be a source of pride and happiness for you. May life richly repay you for your sacrifice in the years to come. Best wishes

    You made a decision to give up your education. you knew that your would still have to repay the loans when you took them out. it's nobody's fault but your own if you wish that you had chosen differently because you do not like the consequences of your actions.

    You aren't likely to get charity to pay off your debts. Student loans always need paid back.

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    Kamren Roob
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    Nathen Cronin
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