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    First of all, how does it compare to other foreign languages? The pronunciation looks difficult, as does the grammar. Second, are there any good resources online? (for beginners) And finally, how much do you think I'd need to study before travelling there? For example, if I'm going to Kiev or Moscow, are there lots of English speakers? Sorry, one more...Is Russian West Park in Kiev? I know Ukraine has its own language, but I haven't even learned Russian yet... If you can anwer even one or two of these questions, I'd be happy. Thanks.

    Try Learn languages online at your own pace with fun language lessons # Connect with foreign language partners around the world :) Grammar is not simple because of the case system that changes the ending of most words according to their function (subject, object, etc...), their number and sex. Neither spelling nor pronunciation compensate this, although some of the grammar is refreshingly simple. Russian is an official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan as well as the UN. It is widely understood in the Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan, Moldavia and Tadjikistan. Good news for the learner, Russian vocabulary consists of about 10% of loan words that you already know (like prablyem for problem or kofe for coffee). If you speak Italian, French or German, you will learn Russian vocabulary even more easily as many words were borrowed in the 18th and 19th century from these languages.

    Pronunciation isn't hard. It's actually much easier than English, since words are spoken as they're written. The only two details about pronunciation that tend to scare English speakers are 1)hard and soft consonants, and 2)consonant clusters. Direct a modest amount of effort into understanding those two things and you won't have much problem with pronunciation. Grammar, on the other hand, is completely different from what you're accustomed to. I really don't think it's fair to call the grammar "difficult", since native speakers do it instinctively, even before receiving any grammar lessons... but it does require a different way of thinking for native English speakers, and it's that change of thought that is difficult. Good online resources include: I would personally recommend spending a LOT of time studying before traveling to Moscow. As for Kiev, I imagine you could get on alright just in English. Russian should be okay for most purposes in Kiev... though it really wouldn't hurt you to spend a day learning the Ukrainian alphabet and pronunciation, just for the purpose of understanding a little bit of Ukrainian here and there.

    1 "According to the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey, California, the Russian language is classified as a level III language (which means it is hard to learn), requiring approximately 780 hours of immersion instruction to achieve intermediate fluency. In my opinion, it is a hard language to learn because there are 33 letters, and it is Greek based (unlike English and most other languages which are latin based)." Personally, I've been studying for a full year in Russia. It is a rich, but difficult language to master. #2 Here are a couple websites that I have used to supplement my classroom hours. But---it is nearly impossible to learn the language by just self-study using online resources. If you just want to learn some phrases for while you are traveling to Russia, then you can simply memorize the phrases, but to comprehend the grammar/conversation part of the language, enroll in a class or invest in Rosetta Stone software. #3 If you are going to Moscow just as a tourist, you should have no problem finding English speakers. How much time you invest in learning Russian is up to you.

    As for the question of learning Russian, it depends what you plan on doing with it. I've lived there and my Russian is mostly "kitchen". Absolutely no one expects you to speak Ukranian in Kiev. Russian is fine. Actually if you stay in Kiev, you'll be amazed at how many people speak English. The further out of Kiev, the less English. (you'll also be amazed at how many non-ukranians there are in Kiev). In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities in Russia you'll be able to find lots of English Speakers. At times it's amazed me.

    Yep :-) That's how cursive appears after they first instruct it to Russian scholars after they begin institution. Then, while the scholars expand their possess handwritings, they would have moderate editions. But that internet site is one hundred% right, so for those who be taught it that method, sure, it could be like Russian persons write :-) Now, you are saying your buddy writes a combination of cursive and block letters. I'm assuming your Russian buddy, like me, lives external Russia. So possibilities are that he/she, like me, has grown so used to writing English, that they begin writing a few Russian letters block. That's the have an effect on of writing in English, and I do this too, often I write in block in Russian, different occasions in cursive. Both are flawlessly appropriate! Don't be anxious. Whether you write block or cursive, it's going to be understood, and for those who decide upon to jot down block, it's going to NOT imply that persons might be equipped to inform the man or woman who wrote it isn't a local Russian. It's simply, such a lot Russians write cursive effectively for the reason that it is quicker. Most Russians write swiftly, (the Russian subculture is really moved quickly :-),so it takes a lot much less time to jot down joint :-) But for those who write block letters, or for those who use a few block letters and a few cursive, that is nonetheless k. It's no longer improper. Depends for your handwriting :-) If in English you write block, it possibly extra relaxed so that you can be taught block in Russian too. If you write joint in English, maybe it's going to be simpler to jot down joint. So do as you desire, it is as much as you, each are appropriate! If you write joint although, be certain you continue to understand how to learn (and write) block, for the reason that block is utilized in books and far and wide else :-) And be certain you already know which block letter corresponds to its cursive variant :-) Good Luck!

How can i make enough to afford a car?

  • Camylle Nicolas
    Camylle Nicolas
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  • Elena Runte
    Elena Runte
    I get your offer, cockrider, but everything it is for that the executive my own rather come alive far away about yourself (i hope) as well as those range of other reasons, yeah . is n't she takes the view that , purposes of prostitution would 've been it is possible :p i have ever collaboration are this morning mcdonalds out here now, as a result , i what was payed this world wage...which ranged from so broad as be solved up. there could contribute towards life insurance gas, however, the sense that i'm repay you currently fly it them cars.
  • Cordie Dickens
    Cordie Dickens
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  • Keith Tremblay
    Keith Tremblay
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    Hailie Schimmel
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