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    I graduated 10th in my class and was excited to go to University of Wisconsin. After my third semester I found a boyfriend that didn't go to school and who lived two hours away, and instead of school, I gave up and moved closer to him. When I moved, we broke up, leaving me half way through one semester of a technical school. I got caught up in the wrong croud of new friends, and dropped out of tech one semester in. Now that I just turned 21 I want to go back to school very badly and live up to who I know I am. I went to school on scholarships, grants, and student loans. But since I messed up so miserably in the past, is there any hope for me to try this whole school thing again? What is your advice, resources, and so on that could help me get back on the right track? Thank you!

    Going back to school is ALWAYS an option. good for you for wanting to continue your education. if you need financial help, check to see if your income level allows you to get grants, if not, you can always take out a loan. Wells Fargo offers great loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment plans. I used them to get through college and now i'm only paying 75 dollars a month to pay them off (i plan to increase the amount in the future when i have more money) as for not wanting to go full time, you could either simply take fewer classes, or try taking classes online. Most colleges now have online courses that you can take from home. i dont' know where you are located, but try looking at some colleges in your area and see what appeals for you. you can always go to the registrars office on campus and ask for a course guide for next year (they're free) to see what kind of classes would be offered online. If you find a college, you're interested in, you can set up a meeting through the student affairs of admissions office to discuss your plans with a school administrator. hope this helps and good luck!

    You could try taking one or maybe two courses at a time at a community college. Since you are really just starting, you could get some credits in basic courses you'd have to take anyway without going through a rigorous application process or spending a lot of money. Online is an option, too, but stick with respected schools so that your credits will transfer. For example, Penn State or UC Berkeley offer online courses. I don't know what your chances are for financial aid--might be okay if you're independent (not claimed by parents on taxes). Or you may have to get some credits under your belt to prove you are serious about it this time around. And please--don't give up on what you really want.

    You do not provide some major information. were you issue to tutorial dismissal or probation? Is there a community college on your section that you'll attend? If plausible, proceed at your contemporary college and paintings diligently. If it truly is no longer an decision, see in case you'll get right into a branch campus of a state college that promises engineering. Get solid grades, then move to the major campus. If it truly is no longer an decision, commence at a community college and move.

    Oh of course there is hope, but don't overthink it, just do it. Send for applications or start filling them out online immediately. Apply to MANY schools, someone is bound to take you. If not, you may have to go to community college first, but you should definitely go back. You may only get loans to cover the tuition, scholarships may be out of the question at this point. GOOD LUCK!

    Yes! You can always go back to school. And contrary to what others have said, you Can still apply for scholarships and grants. You need to look hard for them, but they are out there. Yes, there are online schools (but be sure they're real schools and not internet scams. Look for addresses, phone numbers and legitimate school names. Check their references.) Albright College in West Pensacola offers part time schooling for adults who want to finish their degree. Syracuse University in West Pensacola offers lots of online classes. Look around. When you apply to a school, be sure to ask if your previous classes can count towards your requirements. It will be lots easier to get the degree if you've already got three semesters worth of classes out of the way.

    Whatever it takes but you definitely need to go back for a lot of reasons. I wonder if you went back to school for one or two classes at a time, while maybe working part time would you be able to get your right to financial assistance back? Anyway, take one class if nothing else but it's not too late by any means.

    Get a full time job that will pay for your part time education. Apply for financial aid and other scholarships. Forget about the past, pull up your boot strings and move forward. You made a mistake, it's not the end of the world. You can do it!!

    Well your not going to be able to get any scholarships but you can still apply for a student loan. Hey but that sucks btw and i hope you can turn things around.

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