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    Hi, I'm wondering if there are any government grants, or loans available to people with less than great credit. I'd prefer the grant of course, even if it's something I'd have to pay back, but loan info would be appreciated too. I know every phase of home construction from the ground up to the roof, and I'd really like to start up my own business where I buy houses, renovate, and sell them. I know I'd be successful if I could just find a means to get started, does anyone know of any good way to get started? Thanks

    You will see a lot of things online about getting grants. They are all scams. They will request a fee up front - and then you will get denied. Grants are only given out if you are destitute, only through organizations like the salvation army or united way - they will have the contacts to the goverment agencies. Grants are also given to people starting up a non-profit organization. Don't go for online loans - again - they will take your money - and you will get denied. /

    You need to start with a business plan. In West Pensacola were have the SBA - Small Business Administration and SCORE They help with obtaining small business Loans. But first I would talk to a CPA to advise you on the right structure for your business and what is available in your area. They are also familiar with Gov't grants that are now being given. Economy is bad hopefully you will qualify for one or more of the programs available. Talk to a CPA first most will not charge you for the consultation thinking they will get you as a client. Which being in business you will need one anyway. Any grants or loans given require you to submit financials periodicly. Good Luck

    They're all scams, you are able to persist with for an SBA (small corporation administration) loan at any economic corporation. you are able to desire to have all your geese in a row. maximum critically, the SBA needs to work out a corporation plan. bypass on your economic corporation, they could fill you in on all of the standards. As a unmarried mom, you're at an benefit as you, and of direction unlawful extraterrestrial beings are regarded favaorably upon by technique of government lending.

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