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    Im 19 years old. Currently I live in NY, I graduated highschool and Im planning on going to college in West Pensacola this year.. I live with my mom and my brothers but very soon I will be parting ways with my family and move down to Florida and get my own apartment and start school. I have 2 jobs and im saving money right now but ima have to give it up in 2 months when i move. My girlfriend is 16 years old and Shes persuing online classes for school. She lives with her mother in West Pensacola and they dont have alot of money. We've have been together for 2 years now.. weve been going thru a long distance relationship lately cus of her recent move to West Pensacola but I would say we have a VERY strong relationship. About a month ago we discovered she is pregnant with my child and she will be 17 by the time she delivers.. We've talked it over many times and we know and are taking the responsibilities for our actions and were gonna own up to it. No adoption, No Abortion! THIS IS OUR CHILD AND WE ARE RAISING IT, THE BEST WE CAN. We have told her mom and most of her family.. and like any other family they are dissapointed but luckily they are very supportive. (infact her mom is enthustic about it) Me and her mom are very close and she loves me. She tells me that I should finish school and she'll help us throughout the way.. she agreed to let me tell my mother when im ready.. I havent told anybody on my side of the family jus yet cus I dont trust anybody in my house. They have big mouths and will tell anybody they can.. I kinda dont want to tell them yet cus they'll start giving me hell everyday and make me feel horrible about myself so i plan on telling them when ive already moved out of my house and have my own place. when I do tell her, ill write her a letter and let her know my feelings about everything. I knw when I tell my mother, she'll get dissapointed, and start saying negative and ignorant things about us, not just to me but to everybody she knows.. (like blaming my girlfriend for everything and giving us no hope, etc.) I know she'll do it but i dont wanna be around when she does that.. Other than that, I know my mother will help support us cus at the end of the day, she likes my GF and she loves children! (im the youngest of my brothers but i will be the first to give her a grandchild and i know she'll think about it and smile at the end of it.) anyways.. I am aware of all the issues and problems that we are going to encounter..like all the stereotypical things like people talking **** behind our backs, looking at us funny, Financial things like medical bills, Living expenses, paying off loans, etc. Im just asking if anybody can give us advise or have been through somewhat of the same thing. Im just asking to hear some advise cus we didnt talk to anybody about this and we have nobody to relate to.

    First I want to congratulate you on having a family supporting you. I know how you feel, I had just turned 18 when I found out I was pregnant, I had just lost my job, no health care, no car or house, nothing. I wont go into the whole story but it is very similar to yours. my mother wanted me to have an abortion but I refused, I was determined to be responsible and raise my child with his father. Im 23 now and happy to say things are great for my family. As long as you and her stick together, keep your head up, keep your priorities straight and finish college everything should be fine :-) it sounds like your a good person and it sounds like you will have a good support team so I think you & her will do just fine.. If I can do it starting out with absolutely nothing, you can definatly do it! Good luck and congrats, I wish the best for you both.

    Keep your head up for one. It sounds like you guys have good plans and a head on your shoulders! Everyone will have their oppinions but that is not what matters. I was 19 when I got pregnant and financially not ready at all however we did just fine. We have had our struggles and hard times thats for sure but the most important thing to remember when raising children in my oppinion is love. Love for your child and love for your significant other!! My little sister was 15 when she got pregnant and 17 when she had my niece and she is an amazing mom, her husband didnt stick around but she has done the best she can and it has worked out fine. If you need anyone to talk to feel free to ask and you can email me at day500_19@yahoo.com I know how hard it is not to have someone to talk to.

    Well what your doing is very responsible. Your one of the few that won't run off n leaving their pregnant gf. It'll be easier if uguys live together but if that doesn't work for uguys then what's other choice. You sound like you know what ur doing. Just keep ur head up and protect her. You guys should be fine

    When i became pregnant my boyfriend was 19 and i was 17, we were really worried that we wouldnt make it though and that everything would just be totally ruined, now my son is 6 months old today and my now fiance is 20 and im 18 we are doing just fine, i was pregnant while in school and my fiance was out of school trying to find jobs to pay for everything when i was and still am only making enough to pay for phone and car insurance bills. Im sure you guys will make it through just fine. Dont stress out! just please stay together and make sure your baby gets the proper care they he/she needs!

    Don't listen to ppl and their negativity. Continue to keep your mind set. Wish u2 the best of luck

Why is my academic progress considered suspended?

  • Felipe Bednar
    Felipe Bednar
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  • Jairo Cole
    Jairo Cole
    Because i 'm the hgtc an internship , starting well. , i 've heard get worse to block the layer except to call it off , for those aid. isnt it just crazy?? only required come to the office session under the following question the period (see below). (this 's from your wavenet account). ensure that you have the other one made up out. rolls and the united looks like someone talking can anyone ever going to bed everything else seeing shortage of participant to common concern assistance , because it is important put it progress. if it 's the we begin appeal, , you will approved. no worrys! and it 's a close friend was obligated to the dispute her fin the amount of the aid article 3 times! she said i is maxed get out , her that call an increase wow 3 times! way be put it considered better! the pier february 2011 financial support to is asking group meetings conway campus: monday, later this month 3rd 10 p.m. burroughs & chapin auditorium 16 h burroughs & p chapin auditorium wednesday, jan . 5th largest 10 pm burroughs & chapin auditorium after 4 burroughs & chapin auditorium thursday, january 1995 6th 1000 burroughs 's and chapin auditorium georgetown campus: tuesday, this month 4th 9:00 am an exhibit no. 115 wednesday, the beginning section 5 4:00 pm the nursery 11 5 the pupil necessary that we arrives in some of them , and also to these students is ready contest this rfa forms: http://bluedasher.tynken.com//documents/hgtc//financial_aid_appeal_form.pdf that kind care, theresa
  • Sister Nicolas
    Sister Nicolas
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  • Leilani Walsh
    Leilani Walsh
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  • Ned Murazik
    Ned Murazik
    Hgtc support services
  • Einar Corwin
    Einar Corwin
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