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    This would be in West Pensacola Ohio. I tried a bank and they declined me because I don't have 3 lines of credit open, I have one and cause of that one, my debt to income ratio is 42%...only cause I have a car loan...oh yeah, that will be paid off in about a week....then I will have 0 debt ratio, but no lines of credit!! But you know, it is a bank. (Hey...they just lost out on on me banking there and getting $10,000 down payment for a house!) So, now I need to find a mortgage broker, but I DO NOT want to go with anyone online, I want to be able to walk into an office in Ohio and speak to someone. Anyone know of any in Ashtabula County Ohio? Or at least West Pensacola Ohio?

    You are wise to be cautious as many mortgage brokers are sleazy, low-life, used car salesmen types who will try and rip you off. I would suggest asking your close friends and family members if they know anyone they can suggest. If that doesn't work, your realtor will likely have a broker they can suggest. However, be cautious as it will probably be a realtor's family member or buddy who may try and rip you off and give a kick back to your realtor. If you can't find a reliable broker through the above mentioned channels, you may have to try the yellow pages. The broker is required by law to provide you certain documents. Be sure to insepect the "good faith estimate" and "truth in lending" documents to make sure the broker is not making any more than 1 point in origination. However, don't stop there as mortgage brokers make "rebate / yield spread" by jacking up the rate and getting money off the back from the lender/bank they broker your loan to. You should also ask the broker what "lender/bank" the they are sending your loan to. Many lenders publish their rate sheets online so you can check the rate yourself to make sure the broker is not screwing you. I would not let the broker make any more than 1 point for the transaction. Many shady brokers will try and make up to 4 points, so be careful.

    If a bank declined you most likely others will too or you will be stuck with a high interest rate and high closing costs and a high payment. Ask your friends who they used.

    Send me all the details that you are looking for and I will see what I can do and find out if my supervisor can help.

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