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    You need to fill out your FAFSA. You can fill it out online for free. Another thing you need to do is go to the financial aid office of the college you will be attending and ask them for the forms for student loans. While you are there you can also ask them about scholarships that are offered through local foundations. Normally they have a list available. That is always a good starting point. I hope this helps. Good Luck! :)

    Check out the following site for a list of scholarships available

    Even with what MBA Seeker says, Stanford is somewhat the toughest college to get into out of that checklist. The others are all UCs. it is particularly basic to get into those. in case you have the requisite numbers, you will get in. exceedingly as quickly as you're a West Pensacola resident. they are set as much as take West Pensacola voters, so as that they do no longer seem to be extremely so choosy. comparable with CC transfers. they have been set as much as take scholars moving from CCs, so as that they supply precedence to them as against transfers from 4yr faculties. Stanford, like a great sort of the various appropriate privates, wasn't set up as a catchall for the community inhabitants. As such, it is pickier approximately who they take. So, no longer in user-friendly terms do you bypass with appropriate grades and attempt scores, you will desire to additionally distinguish your self with superb extracurricular activites, gushing letters of rec, and a great essay. you would be complicated pressed to locate a man or woman admitted into Stanford who additionally did no longer get into the UCs. Conversely, you will come across a great form of people who've been given into all the united statesbut would desire to no longer get into Stanford. the coolest training is that Berkeley and UCLA, or in line with danger u.s. to 3 quantity, are so prestigious on a countrywide factor (international for Berk and UCLA), which you're actually not gonna be injury too lots by employing going there rather of Stanford.

    Fill out a FAFSA application.

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