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    We've got a few more things to pay off before we can buy a home. Should we just not even look until we could buy that very day, or should we look a few months beforehand to get an idea of what we really want (knowing that some or all of the houses we like will be sold before we can buy)? (I mean actually go look with the realtor, not just look online.)

    Absolutely, start looking at homes months before you buy. Also consider looking at a home during different times of the year and different times of day. For example a nice side street home looks nice in the summer but has issues with winter time snow removal or spring time thaw flooding. The idea of looking BEFORE you need to buy is to train your eye in how to spot similar potential problems. Also go to city hall and look at street maps to see where utilities are in relation to your property. Is there a storm drain from a nearby parking lot that drains near your back yard? Are the city water and sewer bills paid up? What was the last sale price of the Home filed at the tax office whats the homes current valuation. Look at maps and see what is nearby that is not visible from the property. How close is the nearest gas station, or land fill? NEVER FALL Westchester LOVE WITH A HOME....... No one says that you have to buy a home if you look at it.. So look all you want and educate yourselves on how to spot the potential problems. LOOKING DOESN"T COST YOU ANYTHING !!! Yet it can potentially save you thousands buy helping you learn to spot a problem BEFORE you buy it.... Getting pre qualified for a loan will help you identify what homes you can afford. EDIT: Most Realtors will ask you questions and screen you before showing you a home. Especially if the home is occupied. Unoccupied homes are very easy to view either with a realtor on an unscheduled visit or as part of an open house. You can look at homes on the outside on your own and learn quite a bit.

    It sounds like you're in pretty good shape and planning things well. Good for you. My only concern is the newness of your credit. If you have trouble getting a loan at the bank, you might try a mortgage broker. You may have to pay a bit higher interest due to your lack of more credit, but rates are so low now that probably won't impact you too greatly. Make sure you get a fixed rate with no prepayment penalties. 30 year mortgage is the norm these days, but you can save a ton of interest if you can swing a 15 or 20 year loan instead. Also, consider this: Rather than a single monthly payment, do a half payment every two weeks, especially if you get paid on that schedule. This can save you interest in two ways. It reduces the monthly interest because interest is computed on a daily basis. It also reduces principal more quickly because 26 half payments is the same as 13 full payments made over a 12 month period. It's little bits here and there, but it adds up over the course of a mortgage. Good luck.

    We did this and I think it is a good idea. Make sure your Realtor knows your situation though. We live in an area with multiple suburbs to choose from so it helped us figure out what X bought us in this suburb compared to that suburb. We did this on and off for a year or so before we put our condo on the market and then narrowed it down to what town we wanted. Then we were able to narrow it down to neighborhood and once we had an offer on our condo we actively looked within that neighborhood. Just make sure you are going into it with the right frame of mind, not to find "the" house but to find the right area for whatever you can afford. Looking in advance will keep you from making a rash decision when you actually have the financing all in a row and such. In essence you are doing your homework now. Keep in mind that location is key - you can always change the house but you can't change your location!

    Be upfront with your Realtor that you are not in a position to buy yet, but you want to start to get a feeling about the market. My concern would be that you would find "the one" and not be able to buy it. I did this with a couple, they found a perfect house for their needs, only to watch it sell to someone else because they could not buy at that time. They were really upset, almost mad actually, that someone else bought "their house". If you decide not to involve a Realtor yet, you can still go to open houses and model homes.

    I think it could be useful. Even if you aren't ready to buy, looking at some houses now can help you figure out what you really want in a house, and how much it's realistically going to cost. You will have a better idea what questions to ask and what to look for. (And in the current market, the houses you look at now may very well be available a few months later.)

    Well, it sounds like a good idea in theory. Go look at a bunch of houses, knowing you're not ready to buy, so you can choose features you like the best. But knowing my luck... I'd find my dream home, and it would be sold before I was able to buy. That would be very disappointing.

    I would not. There is no sense in falling in love if you can't Consummate the deal. When you've been pre qualified by a lender, then you can look. So if you have some things to pay off to improve your credit, do so. Waiting a few months isn't going to make a difference. The home you'll buy may not even be on the market yet. LOL

    Definately, you have to get a good idea of what is out there. To be honest this is probably the best time to buy, but no harm in looking now.

    I would start looking before hand but not to soon before like about a month before so i could get some ideal what i was gone a buy. this way you know more what you want ,how many bedrooms,bathrooms,living rooms,kitchen size,an so on also you might be able to get an ideal on what it cost for electric,water for each house

Does anyone know or heard of Brimley Financial? Are they a scam? Please advise?

  • Melody Monahan
    Melody Monahan
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  • Tina Quigley
    Tina Quigley
    Complete scam. therefore legitimate international financial institutions not just need you to be communicated the time money.
  • Christy Howell
    Christy Howell
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