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    I'm a PhD student and single mother. I accrued library fines when my daughter was ill which I can't afford to clear, therefore I can't borrow any books. Yesterday, out of sheer desperation (because, unlike other students, I can't spend hours in the library so not being abe to borrow is really debilitating), I tried to steal a book. I removed the book's sleeve and binned it. Then I tried to steal the pages of the book. I thought the security device was in the sleeve of the book, I have no idea how the pages of the book set off the alarms at the security gate but they did. The member of library staff just asked me to look in my bag to see if I had accidentally tried to remove a book, I apologised, said it was a mistake and said I'd go and return it and that was it: he idn't ask to see the book so he had no idea I'd damaged it. I panicked, because I'd thrown the book's sleeve away. I wish I'd just returned the sleeveless book to its shelf. But instead, I binned the pages of the book, too. I am worried sick that if the library cleaners have to pass through security gates when removing binbags, the alarm will have been trggered again. Would a library's security gates record which book I tried to steal, which would then make it clear I had also defaced and thrown out the book? I haven't had any emails today, but I'm almost too scared to go back to the library in case I get hauled to one side and asked to explain how a book I tried to steal ends up in the trash the next morning. There is no need to tell me what a terrible thing this was to do. I have been so worried I did not sleep at all last night. After all this worry, I will never try anything like this again. It was just out of desperation: I really need to be able to take books home so I can do some work whenever my daughter is asleep. My thesis is due in soon, I'm so stressed. So if I go to the library tonight, is there any way they'll have a record of WHICH book I tried to steal, or do those security gates just record that A book is being stolen? Thanks

    This is how the security works: you pass through censors which beep if you have anything. AFTER the censors is the gate at which you swipe your student card. So they MIGHT be able to make a link between the book having set off the censors and then being found in a binbag, but there is no actual link to me - as setting the censors off meant I was stopped before I swiped my card. So do you think this cannot then be traced back to me? I can't believe I didn't think to just photocopy. I'm so stupid and was just overtired. I'm going to order a new book regardless, to ease my conscience. But do you think I will get away with this? I think I MIGHT as there is no link between the censor beeping and me, as you swipe your Westchester card at the next stage of the exit. Thank you for replying to such a horrible, untrustworthy person.

    Speak to your advisor, and possibly to financial aid, about your library fines. See if they can help you make it so that you're allowed to take books out again. It may be possible that your advisor can help you out with this, or that financial aid can give you a small emergency loan to cover the fines. It's worth asking about. Please also speak to a reference librarian at the library. Ask her if your library is tied into any electronic resources that allow you to access at least some of the materials you need at home. I know books, quite probably not, but maybe. Journals, absolutely will be online. As for the theft - I have no idea. If you do get caught - and I don't think that you will, but I can't promise, as I don't know your school's security system - fess up immediately, and tell them you were desperate, and why you were so desperate. Actually *looking* as desperate as you feel is in your favor, so don't try to hide your emotions. And don't lie. Immediately tell them what you did, and why. If caught, you'll have to pay for the book, that's for sure. I don't know what the other repercussions might be. I think you should go ahead and go to the library tonight again. Walk through the door prepared for anything, but don't *not* go. Don't bother not going. Just go. Live with whatever happens, but get it over with so you can move past this. Good luck.

    I'm a little confused, and it sounds like the staff person handled things poorly too. Normally, if someone is found with a book in her bag, they would take the book back themselves, not let you back into the library where you could create more havoc (which is, in fact, apparently what happened)! Whether the rest of what you did will be discovered will depend on how the trash is removed from the building. If it goes out through the front entrance, as you did, then yes, they will discover the remainder of the problem. My guess is that you would be contacted, asked to pay for the book, and banned from the library. If they take the trash out through a back door or through the basement, then there may not be a censor there to pick up the remnants of the book. Not being able to take out all of the materials we need is common to all academics. Most libraries won't lend out everything, even to those who have not accrued large fines. I understand that your life is hectic, but it doesn't seem that this called for such dramatic behavior. Theft is not an answer to the problem,obviously. You could have made copies of the pages you needed and avoided the whole issue.

    You worry to much. You can send the library an undamaged copy of the book (check out Amazon's used books, you can get like new condition for cheap) and for the record next time just make copies. Most library's will let you do that. Westchester You can take the risk of getting thrown out of school. At least if you replace the book you damaged you will have a defense.

    You might as well pay the fine. The school will not release your transcripts without all debts cleared. And without the transcripts you have no way to prove your degree to prospective employers.

When I was doing the dishes, the glass I was washing exploded and cut my hand?

  • Kolby Emmerich
    Kolby Emmerich
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  • Gilbert Jacobs
    Gilbert Jacobs
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  • Cortney Schmeler
    Cortney Schmeler
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