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    Okay, so I was thinking about signing up with University of Phoenix online (Axia College) and I was wondering, how does the payments work out exactly. My counselor told me but I can't remember and he's off today and I really need to know now (it's something to do with a SS form I have to fill out). It's 3 blocks and that's all I can remember. I'm going in for Psych. if that's of any help to you... thanks in advance!

    Out of state tuition at a California community college is lower than tuition at UPhoenix or Axia. Why wait to go if you're going to pay more for classes (at UoP/Axia) anyway? There are a lot of good options for you online that are both cheaper and have a better reputation than UoP or Axia. Without question, there is a state university in the state that you are still a resident (for tuition) of that teaches online and is cheaper than UoP/Axia. They all offer federal financial aid too - just like UoP; you just don't get into as deep debt. Want to see a really good price on reputable online courses - one of the least expensive online course selections in the country. And they have a decent reputation. "Keep your benefits" - it's very possible that the cost of UoP/Axia for a year considerably exceeds the cost of buying your own health insurance policy. Ask an insurance agent. Unless you have a bunch of pre-existing conditions, staying on your parent's insurance is a really bad (financially) reason to go to college unless the college is cheap or paid for by somebody else. You might also want to discuss with a career counselor the value of an undergraduate degree in psychology. Unless you're planning to get a master's and/or PhD in psychology (or won't be needing a job after you graduate), there's not a lot of work for that one. You can take classes online at UC-Berkeley and pay about the same (or less), get a better education, maintain your status as "a student", and have courses worthy of later transfer. [won't work if you're wanting to get Title IV federal loans but works great if you're paying the bill] In my opinion (it's just my opinion); the only good reason to go to UoP or any of the similarly reputed colleges is because it's the best you can get into and it's better (sometimes) than no education at all. It's very unlikely that this is the best you can do.

    Please save your money and time and do not enroll at the U of Phoenix. Their degrees are usually not respected by employers and grad schools because they are a for-profit university. If you want to study online, look at the University of Maryland and Western Governors University. The tuition will be lower if you live in the covered states, but even if you don't it will be no higher than U of P and the degree will be much more respected. If you want to study psych, remember that you need to go on for a doctorate (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) if you want to have much chance of a worthwhile job, or any job, in this profession. Good luck.

    RUN AWAY Westchester QUICKLY Westchester YOU CAN!! If you're not already sucked into U of Phoenix, you're unemcumbered and can still leave with your pride intact. U of Phoenix is a worthless school for losers.

Agloco: how does it work?

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    Christophe Farrell
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    Cornell Bartell
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    Holden Berge
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    Herbert Keebler
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