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    A little background--I recently lost my job and was supporting myself and my mother. Our rent this month wasn't paid and we don't have any for rent next month. I'm surprised my complex hasn't tried to evict us yet. I'm looking for a new job and have to wait four weeks for unemployment (assuming they approve me). Trust me, I'm looking for work. Luckily, my mom just got a job and hopefully will start it this week. However, I'm still worried about being evicted. We would've been fine with rent had her car and mine not broken down at the same time--That was $700 in repairs. Does anyone know what to do to get some help? Thank you!

    Yes if you are in the US there are many places to seek help: Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, most any large Baptist church and other churches in your community, Your area may have a 211 system, try dialing 211 to see. This is a help referral service that can tell you very specifically in your community which are the helping places. If not call United Way and also the welfare dept in your area and ask for a list of helping agencies and what each one does. By the way you and your mom may be eligible for food stamps and you could possibly be eligible for unemployment compensation. Check with the welfare dept on FS and with the labor dept on unemployment. Basically you will need a picture Weston and proof of social security # for you and your mom,proof of rent expense and other expenses including the car repairs, proof of savings accounts, amount in checking. info on assets including the cars. If you have a notice to pay up on rent you need that too (most help only to avoid eviction but may take a rent delinquency notice for proof on that). Your circumstances are ones that most agencies will help with if they have $$ - people whop will and do work,with a good reason for the problem and a likelihood that it won't keep happening every month. You might also want to look into possibilities of a garage sale, cheap cycle (from main Yahoo page click groups then find cheap cycle in your area), Craigslist ( etc to get $$ by selling stuff you don't use or can live without to raise money. If at all possible avoid places like payday loan, title pawn etc.

    Well, I live in PA. I know they have a program called LIHEAP which helps out low income individuals. Depending on where you are from they should have a program like this that helps you pay your bills such as heating.

    You could sell a car and both work around using the other..

    Try Social Services. That is what a emergency savings is for.

    Go stand in line to get your share of the share the wealth money that everyone is entailed too see your new president .

    Go on unemployment while you are off. or you can find a rich or atleast a well off boyfriend.

If the IRS puts a lean on my property will it hurt my credit?

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