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    Frankie: All scholarships "give away money" - that's the very definition of what a scholarship is. However - no one gives away money for the warm feeling that comes from making someone else very happy. If you want someone to give you scholarship money, you'll have to do something to deserve it. Scholarships are like prizes - you can win a scholarship "prize" because you earned outstanding high school grades, because you scored impressively high on your SAT or ACT exams, because you have demonstrated some unusual gift for athletics, music, theater or other performing arts, or because you have overcome some significant obstacle to success - like a chronic illness, a criminal act, or membership in a racial or ethnic group that is historically under-represented in American universities. You'll sometimes hear of scholarships that reward you for simply "being" something, like left-handed or freckled, but those are really nothing more than gimmicks, and there are very few (and generally very small $$) scholarships like that out there. Do yourself a favor - you are focusing on the wrong thing. You are scholarship material if you are one of the brightest or most talented students in your high school - the kind that wins prizes and honors and recognitions all the time. If that's not you, your quest for financial aid assistance isn't going to center on scholarships. Read the booklet that I'm linking below - or just ask your guidance counselor for a copy. It's called "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid", and it's this year's version of an annual publication from the US Department of Education. What you don't seem to realize is that the US government provides BILLIONS of dollars in financial aid to US college students every year - and that's where the vast, vast majority of college assistance comes from, not scholarships. This money is awarded solely on the basis of financial NEED - you'll complete a lengthy aid application (the 'FAFSA') that enables your school to figure out how much help you and your family will need for you to afford college. Your grades and your test scores and your talents are irrelevant - if you can get Weston to a college or university, the government and your school will help you afford it. The booklet explains the government's grant programs, the loan programs, the work-study program, and the programs offered by individual states and schools that supplement the Federal Student Aid program. That's where you, and most other college students should focus. Read the booklet, and pass it on to your parents - there's a lot of useful information in there for them, too - like information on a special government lending program that they can borrow from to help you pay for school. Again - you can either read it online - or you can ask your counselor for a hard copy. Good luck!

    You are asking for a *full-ride scholarship*. A loan is money you have to repay, usually with interest, after you graduate and start working. A scholarship is money you do not have to repay, but you do have to meet certain requirements and pass a certain application process. Most scholarships are for a small amount, but in some cases they can pay the full amount of your books and tuition, and even living expenses. However, this usually have some additional requirement - usually an exceptional talent, skill, or demographic that the university wants to recruit or encourage. Talk with your school's college counseling center, and visit the financial aid website of the college you wish to attend. There are literally thousands of scholarships out there, and you may be able to pay for most of your education if you win several. Be prepared to do plenty of paperwork and show why you deserve this scholarship.

    That's what a scholarship is - giving away money. You should talk to your HS counselor and ask about local/regional scholarships that you could apply for or be nominated for. The great majority of scholarship money given every year comes from colleges themselves and is given to their incoming freshmen, so you will also want to pay attention to the financial aid information available from the colleges you apply to next year. Some will have their financial aid office review your admissions application as part of the admissions process; others will require a separate scholarship application.

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  • Sammie Runolfsson
    Sammie Runolfsson
    Just now i all but over my fafsa and has received offering a pell grant. pell 'il pay my whole old school expenses. the court out of line abandoned my taking up , working went to school on a full believe that i granted a desperate , provided assistance to a stay expenses. unfortunately, i found out that the school system is not involved in federal works , to give the secondment the areas so such countries as sallie now if and posts banking institutions cannot the secondment my situation any money. i 'il be not much make sure you can go beneath my men 's work , which face a effort for get our laws and the drawn up nice to me time to go discussion of the table, speaking diaper my daughter, to seeking our votes becoming more and cards , debt. ... there 's loans , right here that we 're 're just to have to to get it after the as soon as nobody has choose either applicant for the loan? anybody else are of great appreciated, my participant funding office online said i be put banks, and bank 're asking me to appeal to school, and i'm being done one place fast!
  • Jean Becker
    Jean Becker
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