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    Hi there, Quicken are pretty good as far as it goes but the Smart Choice loan may not be the smartest choice for you. Its always best to get a 2nd opinion especially from soemone thats not invested in selling you a loan from that particular company. The Smart Choice gives you the option of paying interest only or a full payment on your loan. The rate is fixed for a time but then will adjust every 6 months after the fixed period. If you are thinking of using this loan for a short time and then refinancing then it may work for you. However if you are looking for a longer term then it might not be the best bet - the interest rate will increase over time. With the adjustable rate it poses the question - why not just get a simple 30 yr fixed loan with an interest only payment? If you need any help or advice please email me - I am in the mortgage business but my advice is free - AND I am independent :)

    Like all so-called Lending sites, they are no better than the guy down the street from you. Even Lowermybills.com says they aren;t a lender, so you save money by using their system. If you look around, you find out they are licensed Weston BROKERS in 40 states or so. All they want is your lead. That is okay, if they gave you something up front..like the real rate, instead of some nebulous rate that has nothing to do with you, before they ask for ALL of YOUR data. Next thing you know, your phone rings off the wall for the next three months.

    They are good. smart choice...is that the option arm loan?

    I'm curious as well

    It depends...

Help.. going to be homeless..?

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