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    There are many "right" answers to this question and both Democrats and Republicans believes theirs is the correct way. I am going to give my own opinion on this. Ready? Here it is: ABOLISH the Federal Reserve and return the printing/minting of all US currency to the Government. Prior to 1913-1916, the government did all the printing of currency, as stated in the Constitution, then the Federal Reserve was created and all the currency was handed over to them, which is UNConstitutional. This countries founding fathers were against giving bankers any power in our government. Now, our government has to take out loans from these bankers in order for our country to run. Those loans generate billions, tens of billions or perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars a year in interest. We the People have to pay for it with increased taxes and the creation of new taxes. Its time to end the Federal Reserve. But, the only way this is going to happen is to get a President in office that will say "Hell No" to 'special interest' groups. To be blunt, this person has to have the balls to work on returning Our country to what it once was (Pre 1910's era) and take back our country from the greedy bankers.

    There is no quick, painless way to reduce the deficit, its like dieting, you need to spend less and execise more. It may look good at the end, but then you have to maintain it. The search for short term quick solutions is dangerous, it leads us to think that its going to be a short term thing, and then we can go back to hot fudge sundaes, or in this case, cheap lending and then we will soon be in the same place we were in before. In this case, with the unemployment figures being what they are, if we don't spend the money to keep people working, as with the teachers, firemen and police, we will lose even more in taxes and payouts to states for welfare and Medicaid. We, the people, are this administrations special interest, and no party or president is going to alienate the voters.

    You have some serious misconceptions about money, history and the Federal Reserve. First, before 1877, the government actually did very little printing of paper currency. In fact, national banks and state banks issued their own notes. While the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was established in 1877 to print U.S. government issued currency, prior to 1913, there were over 30,000 forms of U.S. currency in use. These included national and state bank notes, some insurance companies, and even a druggist in New York issued notes. As far as control of the money supply is concerned, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is an entity of the U.S. Government. Each governor is selected by a President and confirmed by the Senate. While the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate the money supply, it also gives Congress the power to enact all laws necessary to exercise those powers which is essentially a power of delegation of authority. Through the Federal Reserve Act, Congress has delegated the power of regulating the money supply to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Some founding fathers were against banks, others were not. Of course, the economic situation of that time is a lot different than it is today. Many founding fathers probably would have changed their minds if they could have envisioned the size and strength of the U.S. economy today. BTW, the government doesn't borrow money from the Federal Reserve or any bank. The U.S. Government is the safest debtor in the world. U.S. government debt is considered to be the least risky investment possible. The government borrows money by issuing U.S. Treasury securities. These are known as T-Bills, T-Notes, and T-Bonds. The Treasury sells these at auction where anyone may buy these securities, even you. Interest on the debt is paid to the holders of the securities. Only a fraction of the debt is held by the banks. In fact, the largest holder of U.S. Government debt is the U.S. Government. The Federal Reserve does not purchase the securities that it holds at auction. It purchases them on the open market. To learn more about this, take a money and banking course at a college. Also, ask an economist to explain how the Federal Reserve adjusts the money supply. The Federal Reserve currently holds about $800 billion in U.S. Treasury securities. However, Westview REQUIRED BY LAW, the Federal Reserve pays its net earnings to the U.S. Treasury. In fact, in 2009, the Federal Reserve collected approximately $22.9 billion on the U.S. debt that it holds. However, it paid to the U.S. Treasury approximately $47.4 billion. The U.S. Government actually earned money from the Federal Reserve. This can be seen on the independently audited financial statements of the Federal Reserve. As far as going back to pre-1910s era, you need to learn more about history. You need to go to the library and learn about the following events and their impact: Panic of 1857 Recession of 1860 Recession of 1865 to 1867 Recession of 1869 to 1870 Panic of 1873 The Long Depression 1873 to 1896 Panic of 1893 Panic of 1896 Recession of 1900 Stock Crash of 1901 Recession of 1902 to 1904 Panic of 1907 To answer your question, the quickest way to reduce the deficit is to reduce government spending and/or increase taxes. However, in the current economy, that would restrict credit and slow down the economy further. When the economy recovers more, then the government should reduce spending and cut out some wasteful programs and possibly raise taxes for the sole purpose of reducing the debt.

    The quickest way to reduce the deficit is a complex issue, but I would like to offer my suggestions. First, we need to look at what brought such a huge deficit about in the first place. Starting from the 80's when we decided to hand our manufacturing base over to overseas cheap labor markets, the assault on the middle class began. The carry over from the 70's of the end of cheap oil and our inability to generate domestic supply through alternative sources kept us living with a time bomb that has now exploded. We have been building more prisons than schools and put education on the back burner. The cost of living gradually pushed people;s real incomes lower and lower which eroded the tax base. Our defense budget grew at an alarming rate because we took on more and more of the world's security without the other major countries paying their fare share. Then in the 90's came Free Trade that cost us even more jobs. The last straw was fighting wars and cutting taxes at the same time. That was the ultimate in stupidity. You cannot fight wars with borrowed money while telling your citizens that taxes are evil. These wars have been an exercise in futility as killing one terrorist creates ten in his place.Therefore we are spending an enormous amount of money with nothing to show for it in the end. So my suggestion is to tackle any or all of the above in a sane and pragmatic way so as to rebuild the middle class, reinforce the tax base, spend some of the savings on education by reducing the outrageous cost of college education, stop fighting other people's wars and continue to seriously find alternative energy sources.

    No we will not however that does not imply it may not occur. CHeck it out: One percentage transaction tax is proposed. President Obama's finance workforce is recommending a transaction tax. His plan is to sneak it in after the November election to preserve it underneath the radar. This is a a million% tax on all transactions at any fiscal university i. e. Banks, Credit Unions, and so on.. Any deposit you're making, or transfer round inside your account, i. e. switch to, could have a a million% tax charged. If your pay investigate or your social Security or some thing is direct deposit, a million% tax charged. If you hand deliver a investigate in to deposit, a million% tax charged, If you are taking coins in to deposit, a million% tax could be charged. The invoice is HR-4646 announced via US Rep Peter deFazio D-Oregon and US Senator Tom Harkin D-Iowa. It is now in committee and can most often no longer be introduced out till after the Nov. elections.

    1) cut waste 2) end pork barrel spending 3) cut waste start with the lawmakers. Travel expenses alone are through the roof. Charter flights should be banned. Alcohol - banned. Cigarettes for federal employees - banned. Huge excursions to foreign countries - banned, Perks at taxpayers expense - banned.

    We need to quit spending and certain segments of our society will have to learn how to take care of themselves. I just don't think the Federal Reserve will be abolished even though it should be.

    Give every government worker (other than those in the military) a number, fire all those with even numbers and lay-off everyone with odd numbers.

    Sell Hawaii to China, yes I think that would put us back in the black.

    I'm sorry , was this supposed to be a question, or a blog?

How do you specificly build your credit the best? ?

  • Cyril Smith
    Cyril Smith
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  • Lue Grady
    Lue Grady
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    Theo Weissnat
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    Wilfredo Robel
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    Alice Satterfield
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    Palma Von
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