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    Does anyone know where I can find a good sample letter to send to a collection agency requesting a reduction of debt owed? I've been researching on how to negotiate with collection agencies and have come to the conclusion to keep it all in writing with receipts and proof. So I decided to mail the collection agency a letter offering a lower amount. After much research I've decided on offering 25% of the current debt and working from there, however then I discovered that these agencies have NO motivation to remove anything off of my credit report after the debt is paid. So I'm looking for a good sample letter offering the lower amount and insisting on complete removal of the item by the collection agency, so far I've found this letter Will this suffice? Or does anyone know where I can get a better one. There is a lot of information out there about this stuff and its kind of overwhelming to a newbie, so any help is much appreciated.

    CatDad is right. Avoid form letters. You'll get much better results keeping it in your own words. If the debt is a single entry item, like medical or utility bill, you can try to negotiate a pay for delete -- you pay $x and they remove the item from your credit report. However, this does not work for regularly reported items like credit cards and installment loans. Collection agencies can only remove what they report. The original creditor's charge off would remain. Original creditors are not likely to remove legitimate, negative info. They rely on the accuracy of the credit bureau info to make credit decisions. Lump sum gets the best deals. Payment plans have to be short term. Get a complete written agreement before you pay a cent. Keep that agreement and your payment proof forever. Do not give the collector direct access to your bank account.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: sample debt settlement offer letter? Does anyone know where I can find a good sample letter to send to a collection agency requesting a reduction of debt owed? I've been researching on how to negotiate with collection agencies and have come to the conclusion to keep it all in writing with receipts and proof. So I decided to...

    Per your update: A letter on their firm's stationary with a real, handwritten signature will suffice. It doesn't have to be long or complicated...Avoid sending a long, legalese sounding form letter....it will get thrown away. Keep it short and to the point...they'll either accept the offer or they won't. Example: I am willing to resolve this matter for 25% of amount due. Upon receipt of a signed settlement letter from your office agreeing to these terms, I will mail you a USPS money order for this amount. ------------------ - Get all terms of any settlement deal you reach with debt collectors Westwood Lakes WRITING BEFORE you give them your money. This letter should state the settlement amount and that the account will be settled/paid in full upon receipt of this amount from you. - NEVER give out your checking account/bank routing numbers to debt collectors for making electronic debit payments. Pay only via USPS money order - Debt collectors love to create a false sense of urgency...If they’ve waited months/years for your payment, they can wait one or two weeks for any payment or settlement agreement from you. Any “deadline” like 5PM to get any payment to them is bogus. - If this is for old charged-off credit card debt, then check to see if this debt is outside the statute of limitations before you pay anyone. If they debt is beyond the statute of limitations, then you don’t have to pay it.

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