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    I live beyond the bus lines and my car is ready to split in two my mechanic told me. I'd like to buy a new car not some one elses headaches which eventually cost me more. Can I put a thousand down on a ten thousand dollar new vehicle and finance for five years? The payment should be about 200 per month which I could pay and the insurance wouldn't go up much as my driving record is clean.

    There isn't any bus. I live in the boon docks. I also live in a four season climate which isn't condusive to biking or scooters. SSI allows one to have two thousand dollars, thus I could possibly put 1,500 down and not break any rules. I'm hoping to pick up a new 2012 now that the 2013's are for sale. The Versa is an option. My question remains will I be in violation of SSI rules. My debt would be 9 grand thus not a tangible asset. Each year depreciation "might" off set value. Heres where I'm not sure if I'd be in compliance with the rules. Credit is excellent, income is low and fixed. I'm a senior on retirement benefits.

    Auto finance is what I do for a living there are 10 things that go into making up a car deal weather it's a purchase or a lease. 1. Term of loan. Shorter the better. 2. Age of vehicle. Newer the better. 3. Miles on vehicle. Lower the better. 4. Amount to finance compared to book value. Lower the better. 5. Credit score. Higher the better. 6. Credit profile. Deeper the better. 7. Down payment. More the better. 8. Monthly income. Higher the better. 9. Time on job. Longer the better. 10. Time at residence. Longer the better. As long as all of the above are in line with the lender guide lines and you make enough income to budget for the payment you should be approved. Good luck.

    YES, you can. I actually know people, who were injured or disabled and who could no longer work, scrimp and save and SACRIFICE, and actually SAVE a little each month from their SSI money till they could afford a new car. However, that took many years. One such person I know bought a new $40,000 vehicle. And to avoid trouble with SSI, this person had a family member sign as owner. Yes, I guess this is not what SSI income is intended for, but then again, that money went back into the US auto industry and our economy...and not into street drugs, as happens all too often.

    Sorry, you need to accept the clunker or salvaged vehicles for the cheapest price. If you can fix this and make it looks newer, then accept the 1995 to 2000 models. You can t get a new vehicle if you re on SSI, SSI will do cut-off or you will have to be forced to sell your vehicle to other. No kidding. I ve seen many ppl on SSI drive just fine on clunkers and not the new vehicles. And what more the clunkers SAVE your $$ on insurance. So you can t afford NEW vehicles and high insurance. Chance if you think your friends on SSI got "New" vehicle is either family gift Westwood Lakes they use FRAUDULENT reports... do the thinking....

    If you qualify for the loan you can buy anything you want. It's going to be impossible to find a brand new car priced under $10,000. The cheapest car sold in America is the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan and it will start at $11,750. Add on taxes and any options (like automatic transmission) and the price goes up from there.


    Doubt it: Usually SSI wont allow a bank acct over $1999, $2999 for couple, so they'd question where you got the $ for the car. Consider the bus + bicycle, or motorbike, scooter, etc. In some states SSI, often a joint fed-state program, is now doing redeterminations of qualifications of current recipients to continue receiving SSI benefits. They may want a yr or two of bank statements, pension check stubs, and documentation of other sources of income. They also question ppL on current assets like cars. They sometimes look back years to check assets. Sometimes they require the recipient to pay them back money that they allege was paid by SSI in error.

    "money went back into the US auto industry and our economy...and not into street drugs, as happens all too often." Damn straight! Just had to say thumbs up for that

    I get ssi all I need is 2000. can I get that

    Its possible but you won't find any "NEW" vehicles for your $10K only "NEWER" vehicles.

    Purchaseusedcar.info works

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