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    Currently im in the Navy as an Aviation Ordnancemen (AO) and have been in for 9 months exactly (just made E-2) im currently in Norfolk, Westwood Lakes on a ship in the ship yards (USS Carl Vinson)... Well my question is im confused what I want to do... Im not complaining or bitching, its just that this command is going to ruin my first term being in the ship yards, nobody in my department is doing their job, we are ALL even some E-5 are chipping/painting and just preping spaces... (I have also concluded from many the Navy seems to breed very good janitors as we clean twice as much as any other branch) and my PRD is 2011 and the ship isn't even going out to sea until then so pretty much my experience in this branch is going to be crappy being just ship yard life... I have wanted to get into Spec Warfare (SEALs) for the longest time...But I have a hard time deciding if I still want to do that risking the fact I could get dropped and have to experince this **** again...

    … or when my PRD rolls around (I will be 23 by then) should I just get our and jump into another branch (some ideas include Pararescue in the Air Force, Air Bourne in the Army, or even the Marine Corp.) something I can do to be out in the field and get my hands dirty rather than being an Janitor or bulkhead artist… But at the age 23 will I be to old to start from scratch in another branch? P.S. BTW in no shape or form am I a **** bag, My Chief has given me some compliments and even has appointed me in some leadership positions, although not much, the fact is im still just an junior Airmen with good work ethic weither it’s a shitty task or a less shittier task... Thanks for those who put some input and actually read my bull…

    It's the Yards, of course it is gonna suck, ESPECIALLY if you are in Portsmouth..bleccchhhh. AF will not take you, marines will make you start from scratch at E2 and go through their Boot camp again. Army yoiu have Blue to Green. But you would be doing yourself a SERIOUS disservice if you base your decision solely on the fact that you lucked out with a crappy sea tour. (BTW, there are those who would ***** about NOT getting sea duty on a ship that isn't going anywhere) o this is what you do..ask your LPO and Chief if there is any possibility of being loaned to another ship that is short of bodies, or the possibility of getting a C school or other collateral duty training. If the funds are there, and you impress them, they'd probably at least consider the possibility. seems a shame that you will have no opportunity to get your EASWS pin...ooh in fact thats what you tell them,,you WANT that pin and ask how they can help you get it.. of course that means you could end up on a six month deployment before too long, and you darn well better GET said pin before returning...

    Chipping, painting and ship maintance are all part of the gig!!stick with the job you have and wait it out when the ship takes to sea it will become more exciting. I spent 8 years in the navy the first year of that in the shipyards! doing nothing but cleaning and maintance!!! but when the ship went out for its first cruise It felt great!! If you want to go for special warfare or the special boat units I say take a chance! what the hell! Norfolk sucked my a ss!!! I was on the USS Trenton LPD14 I believe the Navy has since sold that ship to some other country, India I think. all this will work out for you just tow the line shipmate!

    So you want to get to a new ship. There are many ways. The first is to be the best at what you do now, so your leadership will be more willing to help you and boost your career. If there are volunteer opportunities that come up, jump on them. Next, if you want to be a SEAL, then be a SEAL. Your current experience will provide the proper motivation so that you won't fail or quit. Another option is to take advantage of your situation and work on college classes, then look at officer programs. And yes talk to your NCC, but look for opportunities to move up, all of which will move you out of CV.

    I'd stop complaining and do your job. The ship is your home and ALL hands are involved when in the yards. As for the cleaning part, if you can't figure that one out you need some EMI. I'll give your command master chief a call Monday A.M...... Yes I know him. AVCM, USN, ret.

    Several options - 1. Request SWCC (small craft operator for SEAL teams) 2. Request to go EOD. You are already an AO, so you are halfway there. 3. Volunteer for Navy Civil Affairs team. talk to you Career Counselor. DON'T tell him you are bored with life in the shipyard! tell him you are interested in making a career change.

    I was in the marine's for 8 years befor i resigned last year. im not an expert, but i would take the risk of geting dropped because the service is a once in a lifetime experiance. If you take the plunge, u will end up on the right end. trust me. but if u dont, just follow ur heart, man. Good luck, happy killing!!! (rofl)

    YO -- smoking weed -- Quit. Go and get a transfer. You can do that.... Do your job and stop listening to everyone else complain....

A question about W-4 tax things?

  • Leo Hegmann
    Leo Hegmann
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  • Jasper Von
    Jasper Von
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