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    I was adding up my expenses for this upcoming school year, and I noticed that I' going to be short $2500 because of a tuition hike at my school, even though I'm working 2 jobs and get financial aid. I was wondering is their any websites out there where I can find another grant for school? I've already tried the private loan sites, but because the age of majority in Mississippi is 21, I can't get a loan without a co-signer (I know I have parents, but we aren't on speaking terms right now).

    Ok, let me make myself a little clearer, as I said earlier, I'm already receiving financial aid which means I already have the stafford and perkins loans (those didn't require a co-signer). and also like I said the age of majority in Wilton Manors is 21 meaning I can't get a loan myself until I turn 21, it has nothing to do with my credit.

    As awesome site for scholarships is fastweb.com

    Nothing can be done in this situation and from any website u can not take loan. better u start to have talk with your parents

I got a Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent, what do I do?

  • Nathanael Cartwright
    Nathanael Cartwright
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  • Dylan Stracke
    Dylan Stracke
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    Virginie Wiegand
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    Cody Morissette
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