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    I am interested in both receiving a good education in the fields I enjoy studying and having a good social life. The problem is that I know that if I buckle down I will receive a good education, and will succeed academically in college. However, with the social part I have never been too good at so I'm asking for advice. I know that I'm gonna get answers that say that academics are all that I should focus on, but that is impossible for me. Upon studying psychology this year for a quarter in Apologetics II according to Abraham Maslow's ladder one has to achieve belonging before he or she can focus fully on their needs academically. That's been my whole problem in high school and I refuse to let it happen in college. I will not remain an outcast. Please help!

    Good grades, a social life, sleep: pick any two, as the saying goes. Listen, a year ago I was in your shoes. I had friends, sure, but they were more like acquaintances. People I ate lunch with, not people I invited over to my house for a sleepover or something. Then I went to college and suddenly had a crew of 10 people I would legitimately call good friends and got myself a boyfriend somewhere in there. It can happen to you, too. Academics are definitely going to be important; if you don't make the grade, you risk losing scholarships, which means you don't come back next year. You will need to hunker down to get work done occasionally. The good thing about college, though, is that "homework" usually refers to reading or long-term assignments (like papers), and you only have about 4 classes that don't all meet every day. So you have a little more control over what you do and when. There are some classes (typically history or political science courses) that will have short papers due every class or every other class, but you'll quickly get the hang of this and will be able to crank out 2-3 pages in an hour or so. Social life is also important, though. College is hard; I was a straight-A student in high school, went through the International Baccalaureate program and earned the IB diploma - by all accounts I'm an academic powerhouse. I know, though, if I had tried to get through my first year alone, I would've floundered and probably dropped out before spring break. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is this: if you're not already planning to live on campus at your chosen institution, sign up for housing *now*. Take out loans if you need to; living in a residence hall is the single most important social aspect of the college transition. You'll probably be put in designated freshman housing; that's good, that means you're around people who are going through the same thing you are. You're all alone together, and you're bound to find at least one person with whom you can connect. Just talk to people. Leave the door to your room open while you're in there; poke your head into other rooms with open doors and see what's going on. Just a simple "hi, I'm ___, what're you up to?" will do. If you find someone in one of your classes lives in your building, seek them out and bond over your class. Study together. Another social note: don't go to the frat parties if you don't want to. It's a good way to meet people, if you're interested in meeting drunk people. That's another thing, don't drink. It's really not worth it, and it'll negatively impact the aforementioned academics. If you're interested in Greek life...it's essentially a lot of forced community service, forced attendance at certain parties, and a whole lot of forced drinking, all for the right to wear an assortment of shirts adorned with funny-looking letters. I'd hold off on it for now, wait until you've adjusted to college life and are on top of your grades. Now, sleep. It's important. Don't sacrifice sleep for social life Wilton Manors academics. It'll take some planning, and your first semester probably won't see you getting as much sleep as you should, but if you budget your time properly so that you can get done what you need to get done (yay for weekends) and still have time to hang out with the friends you'll meet in your dorm, you'll be fine.

    I go to a pretty big party school that is also highly academically rated, meaning the classes are hard and there's always parties around and things to do. The importance is to balance yourself and balance your schedule. Unless you need to catch up on credits or graduate in under four years, there's no need to pile up your schedule with all hard classes. Take a good balance of difficult classes and then easier gen-ed requirements. You may miss a few weekends and nights here and there, but overall you won't need to spend 100% of your time studying and can hang out with friends more often.

    Nicely I somewhat have carried out cheerleading for 7 yrs. and a few of those issues are very complicated !! yet seem in2 getting inner maximum tumbling training. seem 2 see if perhaps there are any all stars communities close to you because of the fact u pays a private coach 2 teach all of that stuff. if no longer u can flow 2 a primary gymnastics gymnasium and study tumbling there !! and the main crucial element consistently smile, despite the fact that in case you shrink to rubble !! desire this helped !! sturdy success !! =]

H&R block?

  • Kelsie Barton
    Kelsie Barton
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    Darby Ward
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  • Raquel Quitzon
    Raquel Quitzon
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