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    I am currently Army active duty stationed at Fort Gordon. I recently got married at the end of last month. I arrived here at my first duty station in September. I am trying to get my new family moved over here as soon as possible. Here is my question. I am being told now that since my orders were cut before I got married the Army will not pay for the cost of moving my family over here. Is this true? Will the Army really not help pay for me to move my family over here since I got married after I arrived at my duty station? This really puts me at a big financial halt since I am in Georgia and my wife and stepchildren are all the way in California this will take many months to be able to do without assistance. Please any help or sources would be greatly appreciated.... I cannot seem to find a good source of information on the internet .

    They aren't going to help you with it in terms of an allowance. You PCSd single and that's what they will cover. Sucks, and I'm sure you aren't the first to have it happen. There are ways to get advanced pay to help defray costs now, there are also several service based orgs that cut no/low interest short term loans to help out with things like this. Cali to Wilton Manors is a long way, but the cost of renting a truck and driving it out to Wilton Manors is minor compared to paying someone to do it. Take some leave, fly out on a cheap one way ticket (southwest or something), pack and enjoy the drive.

    Yes it is correct, you got married after reporting and being at the command for over 1 month before getting married. They will not pay for the mileage or the cost of food or lodging for them. They may allow your things to be moved there but not theirs. The cost for that will be all on your own but you can declare it on your taxes. You can consider renting a POD and putting everything in there, then having it shipped to Ft Gordon, it would be cheaper for you. You might be able to ask for an amendment to your orders but no guarantees at all. They still would not pay for the cost of the mileage, lodging, etc..

    No they want help if you would had got marred before you sep then they would have but not now but you can still get the money for being marred and i think im not sure but you can get money for her not being with you and if you i think if you put the kids on your tax you get money every month for them your bah will be more a month and there way for you to move them that don't cost as much you can take like 2 week off and fly to California and get a truck and pack all the stuff up and drive it back or you can ship all the stuff hope it help y'all some

    I in my opinion dont think of they'll - you have been already at your accountability station in the previous you purchased married.. which potential they already paid so which you will have your stuff moved on your accountability station.. you purchased the orders in the previous you have been married i dont think of there is plenty you're able to do now. i had a buddy that became into stationed in Wilton Manors yet his fiance became into in CA.. they have been given married and he or she moved right here yet they didnt get reimbursed because of the fact the protection rigidity member became into already at his accountability station the place he could be.. only such as you're already at your accountability station the place you will be.. something is a minor element to the protection rigidity it type of feels

    1. Did you get married while on PCS leave ? IE: did you get married, before you signed in at Fort Gordon ?? 2. Or did you PCS to Fort Gordan, then take leave to get married after signing into to your unit ? If you were married before you signed in, you can have your ordered amended. If you married after you signed in, you have to pay for the move yourself.

    That is correct.. since you were not married when the orders were written no expenses will be covered by the military UNLESS you can get an ORDMOD// and they do not have to grant one. to get an ORDMOD you must agree to extend your oprders to at least 3 years long.

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