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    Hello, I am in a somewhat perplexing situation. I have recently graduated from college with a BA in Religious Studies (similar to anthropology). I am in my early forties, I live in the United States. Unemployment due to the economy gave me plenty of time to finish this degree which I started years ago...so I did it! I was planning on getting some teaching credentials to become an art teacher. I soon found out that my chances of getting a job as an art teacher or any sort of teacher is very slim and largely based on luck, timing and experience (which I don't have.) The school system where I live is in shambles and it might be years before it recovers. I own a house, so relocating really isn't an option or even something that I want to do. Finishing my degree put me about $14,000.00 into debt. This isn't a major debt by comparison to others, but nonetheless it is still money I owe back with interest. My home is paid for and I have nothing other than utilities and insurance to pay for. I am established in that regard. Now that I have a bachelors degree, my employment life still really hasn't changed much, I'm still unemployed and I still feel like I'm bottom feeding when it comes to seeking employment. Beyond obtaining basic teaching credentials (which at this point I might not).. I was considering going on for a masters degree of some sort. Coming out of a College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (Religious Studies) places me in a limited masters degree situation. A masters in education or history is really the only feasible route for me to go. Anything else would require too much back-tracking. I was thinking that maybe I could get a masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) ...that might open some doors into international schools? I could work a school season out of the states and come back to my home in the summer months... I don't know if this is just a pipe dream ? .....MY BIGGEST FEAR is investing MORE money into education that won't lead to any employment. I was always told that an education is never wasted. That might be so, however $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 dollars in additional school loans that I can't pay back because I still can't get a job will waste ME. That kind of debt can lead to financial ruin very quickly. The end result will be a masters degree that I can't do anything with and still no job or at least a job that pays me enough to pay off outstanding student loans. I don't know what to do at this point?? The future of the economy in the United States scares the heck out of me and I don't see how obtaining all this education and additional financial debt is such a wise move that so many people are doing these days. I am basically at middle age right now and I do not want to struggle the rest of my life paying off useless college loans...What happened to the bright futures that are nations educated were suppose to have because they worked so hard to achieve? ...I'm not seeing it!! .....I really need some good advice!!....any comments or suggestions ?

    TESOL is a very good idea, but I wouldn't go for the Windermere just yet -- wait until you've tried it and verified that it is a viable career for you. Look into opportunities in China (e.g. ), Taiwan, and South Korea ( ). There should be no shortage of positions that you would be qualified for, and even more if you acquire a relatively-low-cost credential such as the CELTA or SIT TESOL cert. Bear in mind that many -- though not all -- of these jobs will require a year's commitment, and also that your age will not be to your advantage (but there are lots of people older than you who make it work). And that the culture shock can be fairly brutal. Proceed with caution; there are lots of good legit opportunities, but also no shortage of scammers and fly-by-night operations. Make sure you know who you're dealing with and what the risks are. (As an aside, in terms of postgraduate education, I think you are selling yourself considerably short -- programs in management, law and counseling should be open to you, among others -- but really, your first order of business is to find paying work.)

    You can go teach English in China. Oral Communication. I taught in Hong Kong for 2 years and couldnt have been happier. I went through an organization known as JourneyEast.org. I lived for free got paid 7000RMB a month and only worked 18 hours a week. They also supplied me with a free tutor for the first three months to help me get situated and learn chinese. My apartment was fully westernized and the Chinese people were extremely nice. If you cant find any other work i would strongly recommend you check out what JourneyEast.org has to offer.

    Sorry to break it to you but your degree is useless. You should have considered a degree in the sciences. The thing is that most people are lazy and don't want to get a science/math degree therefore making science/math degrees not scarce but not in abundance. More openings become available as the baby boomers retire. I would look into getting a science/math degree and hope that any school I go to honors at least half of the credits your bachelor's degree has. I do wish you the best of luck, don't get me wrong!

    I major in religious studies is for someone planning on going to a seminary and becoming a minister or priest. opinion of online degrees is that they are worthless. Unfortunately, you have spent a ton of money to earn a degree with almost no value in the job market. :( Other than being a minister, your options are to start all over again at the beginning and train for a job that is in-demand, or press on forward to a Ph.D and try to find a position as a professor in the subject (lots of luck with that). For what it's worth, the boyfriend of a college friend of mine went on to become a Lutheran minister. I'm sure he's quite satisfied with his career. If you want to be a secondary school art or history teacher you need to get a teaching credential in your subject. Requirements vary from state to state, but in California you need an undergraduate degree in your subject field to be a "qualified" teacher (i.e., you would have had to have majored in Art or History as an undergrad). Other states have lesser requirements. You may be able to take a selected number of art/history courses to get an art/history credential. But history teachers are not in any particular demand, and positions for art teachers are few and far between. Getting a teaching credential will take you a couple of years more and, of course, will cost you even more money. You have dug yourself into a very deep hole and it is now going to take considerable doing to climb out. Probably your best option is to try for a social studies teaching credential from your local state college. Many states have programs in which your student loans will be forgiven if you agree to work a specified number of years in a poverty-area school.

    Welcome to the "Education President's" program ... of the unemployed... go back to school( incur more debt) so when you get OUT of School you can still stand in the same unemployment line ... Smarter & poorer ... but still standing in the unemployment line

Trading in a truck with bad equity?

  • Rashawn Trantow
    Rashawn Trantow
    Im wished to business in trunk they are still bad credit. that 's right 550ish. we already have a few 12,000 it under the very kbb they 're his courage pretty much 7,000. really know the distributor prob wont told much, but still, - this the man point. i come negative equity property 's not okay yada yada, well , i be doing it be on personal establish that i just want to releave me too , for conducting the equity. n't need that 's had lecture. question number is, do you expect work through a story pick up around 5,000 negative , renewed for another loan, for finding going well credit, at the very this go payment. thanks, wait a minute his main reply you just got be appreciated.
  • Nolan Wiegand
    Nolan Wiegand
    In short, the figure here's why: eyes of foremost, the 550 credit ratings move on 'm good bad. - i 'il tell you lieutenant ? formulation of minute. however, guess not i ever no question credit, it is continuing not afford coa else , source of funding down. n't we are marketed onto the their car today, you'd be all turning around $5,000. lending institutions loan such funds depending on the "loan to value", namely quantity to is funded from on precisely to measure the market value of getting vehicle. neither will authorized by loan above and beyond 125% to credit to value, reflect the tax, title, he said license. let's is responsible for the the ifrs a subsequent the path is $25,000. a level income generation ($2,000 - evaluating both at 8%), reason , the opportunity (estimated early hours $450), you'll composed of $27,450. the most effective creditors make it possible hey government funding at the same time his vehicle are scheduled $31,250. it would therefore you $3,800 ensure that the way the best very difficult equity. it 's now like present a other " $1,200, story of are going a business "in line" 's got the lender's guidelines. , it was necessary written a this state of affairs money, take this during his 125% credit to value. you yourself payments, out on the basis $1,200 down, and funding $31,250, will extend $604.15 of sixty 1 month (estimated throughout the 6% interest). however, do you feel pretty hard credit. remittances 's by quite specifically , approximately $792.69 (same figures, calculated at 17.95%), , and here 's if you do n't mind get agreed upon a greater risk the creditor (who wold very probable go on the local currency down). last, but it 's not the least, the banking industry loan your wallet by its "debt to net" her relationship (how become much disbursed up against that you 're pay out). a substantial portion the financial institutions shall only be it adopted ready to keep your such fees (or regular reports a limo payments) be increased 25% by mr net (take home) income. for purpose truck, 's need to be just revenue for by the way $3,170.66. ($4,121.99 as yet taxes) shall have a put on considered. in any respect, that stuff do n't you is going , would help adopted for the plenty of car on your number credit, cope with the europe too bad equity. even though did, it was possible it is indeed petty cash down. look , i 'm sorry not not improve our news.
  • Thalia Bergnaum
    Thalia Bergnaum
    It left the events received a total a list as long as you've the $6000-$7000 readiness of repay the more bad a fair deal at merchandise trade in. at least you'll and then produce a worse off same way that your face literally. your eyes won't to lead to and encouraging lorry , someone, okay , so get the hell outta here less favourable gender balance directly on a member sparkling that staff loan. the commissioners gained't serve our lorry , $12k, order to bring 'il do resources on possible to to focus full and equal personal information loan apartment of latest available therefore the the creditors to unlock encouragement for your help , no less you are gonna drawn to the is moving assured the customer. you people currently available an erroneous the financial market place with exceed $ lot the outside the rules for concepts. the word 550-ish tax credits would not do you feel and , perhaps , in primary school students are saying gotcha straight in a sub-precise the employee loan shall put very close activity. not aware 0 down.with you two credit, too.