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    Long story short - my mom passed away when i was 16 (almost 10 years ago) and my stepdad (was never married to my mom though) was left to care for my brother and i - finacially & otherwise. I have always been close to my grandpa (my real dads-dad). After my grandma died and my grandpa got together with his current g/f, we have not been as close as he spends all his time with her. Since my mom passed away, none of my close family has ever offered any kind of help to my brother & i, which left my stepdad with a lot of burden. I have a 3 year old who is the world to me & my grandpa loves her to peices. My grandpa recently OFFERED to help me pay off some negative items on my credit & help me buy a house - even though i didnt feel ready to buy a home Windermere did i really want to at this point, but he thought it would be a good idea. Well, that was a couple months ago and last week i was laid off from my job of 2+ years & its uncertain if i will go back or not. I am late on all my bills & now being laid off is causing some major stress trying to find the $ to get my bills paid. I made the mistake of asking my grandpa if he could possibly help me get caught up on some of my bills - a couple hundred dollars max. He made me feel awful for asking and basically told me that his intention was to help me get my credit in order and eventually buy a house - not to "pay my bills for me". He was kind of suprised by this, as i felt that right now i need the help the most. He had basically told me that he had money set aside just to help me buy a house, but now he acts as though i was out of line to ask for even a small amount to get caught up on my current bills so that they dont go into collection and therefore hurt my credit. He did finally agree to help by giving me a couple hundred, but he made me feel terrible. Now i cant stop thinking about it & i feel more angry than anything. I know he doesnt owe me anything & is in no way obligated to help me out, but it makes me mad that he was never there for me after my mom died & i didnt think asking for help when i really needed it was a big issue, but aparantly he thinks it is. I know he isnt loaded, but he did make it known he had money set aside to help me out - but only under his own terms i guess. What do you guys think? Should i just tell him forget it? I do really desperatly need the money, but i dont want him to make me feel this bad for asking. Also, i have NEVER asked him for money like this before, but my brother and dad have and he has loaned/gave them money when they needed it.

    I say yh go ahead n ask bt telll him u will pay him bck as soon as u get the money u shouldnt feel bad about this at all if u need help he shuld want 2 help!!!

    At first, he would not owe you newborn help. He owes your mom (or whoever raised you) because of the fact she fed you, clothed you, and housed you as a newborn. 2d of all, if she is in a position to sue him for newborn help, and wins, she would be in a position to not get the money unexpectedly if he would not have it. His wages might desire to get garnished, so as that component of his paycheck is going directly to her till the debt is payed. finally, you're an person now. a great form of folk your age conflict with money. while you're in college, evaluate scholarships, provides you, and pupil loans, besides as section time jobs. while you're actually not in college, and function worry looking an outstanding paying activity, possibly you may desire to bypass to varsity, even community college, and stay off of pupil loans till you graduate with a clever degree.

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  • Adriana Medhurst
    Adriana Medhurst
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  • Taylor Hettinger
    Taylor Hettinger
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