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    It seems to me that the current Administration doesn't want the financial institutions to payback the Tarp Funds early, even though they say in television interviews that they would love it. Since the Financial Sector is highly profitable, I began to wonder if the interest on the loans is where all the money is going to come from to pay for all of the administrations ambitious spending goals? Maybe it won't pay for all of it, but if it is enough so that they don't have to raise taxes on the middle class, it could be a good way to have the funds necessary to get things done and get re-elected? Am I just being paranoid or does this make financial sense to anyone else. Since I really don't know how much they will make it is hard for me to evaluate the theory, but I figured that maybe some economists out there can shed some light on this theory. If I'm crazy, it's Winston as it was just a thought. I thought that if it were true it was quite clever of them.

    Jerry w - The first administration gave the money to the financial institutions in order to shore up the system. The next administration inherited the problem. Now, one may think - how can we turn this problem into an opportunity? Maybe we can force loans on every financial institution in the country - even though they are now running profitably. Next we can include all of the insurance companies and at least two of our three car companies before it's all said and done. Just because a politician campaigns that they won’t raise taxes, doesn't mean that they won’t "read my lips"! Yet if they can force loans on our major industrial and financial sectors of our economy, bankroll them to make sure they survive to pay the interest; maybe a politician can make good on the promise not to raise the middle class taxes. We don't get the money back. We can only hope the money they make is enough from the loans to not raise our taxes. That is my point. My bet is 10 trilliion in loans total.

    I think you may be a little paranoid. There is no relationship at all between the money to be paid back from the Tarp funds and the current administration's spending goals. The whole point of the Tarp funds (by the last two administrations) is to get the financial sector working properly again, so that is becomes profitable. You are assuming that it is profitable anyway. The Tarp funds were spent with the hope that the "government" will make money off of them in the long run, this amounts to a huge cash advance by the taxpayers with hope that the investment will pay off. This has nothing to do with the current administration's spending, any payoff would be speculative, long term instead of short term, and hardly likely to be enough to make much difference in middle class tax rates. It would not be "a good way to have the funds necessary to get things done and get re-elected". The current administration has never had any plans to raise middle class taxes, even before the existence of Tarp funds (dating back to the campaign). You bring up a valid point about paying for expensive government programs, but income from the Tarp funds does not factor into the equation. It is a separate issue. Of course, the Tarp funds spent do add to the spending that is being done.

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