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    Ok, now I was a fool 4 years ago, and got a car put in my name for my ex....to make a long story short, the car was stolen, and never found! We broke up...but needless to say, I still am responsible for that car! They contacted me today and it's over $15,000! I am a single mother & cannot afford any monthly payments on that car! They said if they take me to court and win, they can garnish my wages 25% of what I make! That is crazy! My daughter and I are barely living off of what I make now! I tried to contact him today and of course that was a joke! It's an easy ticket out for him and he has NO plans of repaying them or me. I told him he can even pay $100/month they said. And he was so rude about it. Told me to basically shove it in my a&&! So, I was wondering if there is anything that I can do legally :) I don't have anything in writing :( I lost it! My mom kicked me out about 3 years ago & I lost alot of stuff. I searched EVERYWHERE! So, now, I don't know what to do! Will a lawyer help me? Do I even have a case since I don't have anything in writing anymore with his signature. If there is anything that anyone can think of, PLEASE PLEASE LET Winston KNOW! I'm so lost and confused right now, I tried researching online, but came up with nothing. So, I hope you guys can help. I don't care if I'm paying the lawyer back in payments, I just want this car paid off! (Unless the lawyer costs more than $15,000! :) I don't know what info you need...I live in Los Angeles Ca. But please, please help! Thank you!

    So you're saying 4 years have passed and you just now want him to pay? That's a long time to let it slide. Sorry to say, you're SOL in this situation. When I left my ex, we had all sorts of credit cards and loans in my name, together. Which left me over $30,000 in debt, his plan all along, what a jerk. I was in tears whenever collectors would call me. I'd explain my situation, but they don't care, they just want the money. My parents really helped me out. They got a loan out in their name to give me the money so I could pay off the debt. With their help, I only had one bill to pay, their loan bill. I'd give them money each month to pay off the "borrowed" loan to my parents. I'd suggest that, but it sounds like you're not on good terms with your mom. With all that said, you're on your own on this one.

    $15K is way above the small claims limit . Who was making the payments for the last 4 years ? Who carried the insurance and when was it stolen and can it be filed under that ? Anyways the lawyer will cost thousands ( up front Before you go to court ) and with Nothing in writing , you will most likely loose . At this point , it sounds like your have 3 years to wait until the debt obligation expires ( if you have made no payment for the last 4 ) How has it been 4 years and they are just contacting you now ? Anyways , sounds like they would be trying to get blood out of a turnip now . The court can't garnish what you don't have ( unless you and the daughter are riding around in a mercedes ) . Maybe file bankruptcy ? That would wipe out the $15K . . . Sorry about the jerk , most of us leaned the hard way . >

    If I were you, I'd keep searching for those papers. Was the car reported stolen? There may be some loop hole that voids the contract if the vehicle was stolen. Worth looking into. What about insurance? I'm guessing the car was insured at the time? Did they cover theft? You might be able to get the loan paid off by the insurance company. Again, none of this is for sure, just worth looking into. Good luck cause that sucks.

How long until i can establish credit?

  • Brandon Anderson
    Brandon Anderson
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  • Davion Gleichner
    Davion Gleichner
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  • Johan Sanford
    Johan Sanford
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