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    I've been dating a guy since I was a Sophomore in High School, he graduated last year and now I'm a senior. I've applied to college and have probably a 95% chance of getting in. However, my family doesn't have much money at all, and hardly any savings. I love my boyfriend, he's amazing. He wants to go to college too, but his grades are horrible, and his ACT score wasn't good either. He lacks motivation for school, but not in anything else (like work). Part of me wants to stay with him and start our lives together after HS graduation, and not go to college. But the other part of me is afraid that I won't get anywhere without an education, and we'll struggle. I know that if I go to college, it won't work out with us because I'll be gone for so long, and we both have issues being apart for long periods of time. College is a lot of money and I don't know if I should spend part of my life struggling to pay off student loans, or spend it struggling to pay bills with this amazing guy. So, I'm asking this to people who have given up college to be with their highschool sweethearts, and to people who lost loves to better themselves. Do you think it was worth it?

    I've had to deal with a long distance relationship because of school, and for all the pain it caused, I wouldn't have sacrificed my degree, my education, or my school experience to avoid going through that. If you don't go when you know you could have, that resentment may eventually poison the relationship, assuming it doesn't crumble on its own and leave you feeling like you gave up that chance for nothing; if you do, there's a chance that you can rekindle things later on even if you can't handle the distance in the short term, or that you'll meet someone else who's motivated in all the ways that you need. Of course, if you're not really keen on college for other reasons and have a viable alternative plan regardless of what happens with him, that changes things a little. But otherwise, when it comes to schooling, I think you have to be a little bit selfish at this point in your life.

    I'm not in the categories you asked for. However, a trade school for your guy seems the way to go. Community college for you for the 1st 2 years is a good way to go. Ask your school guidance counselor re financial grants and aid. Don't jump into marriage (or shacking up) until at least 1 of you has a decent paying job. If it's not your guy who has that job, think very carefully about what life will be like down the road. Talk to young couples who struggle financially and get their viewpoint. "Love" will not hold a relationship together if the guy can't contribute much financially especially if children enter the picture.

    Hmm well I say go to college. I mean the girl above me is right, what are you going to do when he leaves you broke, uneducated, and lonley? And to be honest from the experience of 3 older sisters, long distance and high school relationships have a very high chance of not working out. TRUST Winston go to college girlfriend because you have the opportunity and the grades, and in this economy? its going to be even tougher for us young adults to make a living. I will tell you this; if youre love is really that strong and can survive through anything, then it will. And its meant to be.. But as far as giving up your dreams for a boy? Not a very wise decision for a smart gal like you... and if he really cared about you he would understand how important college is. good luck=)

    Oh, puppy love. Honey, you want to stay around and date someone who like you does not have any post high school education. That is just setting yourself up for disaster. Look at it this way, what happens when/if you break up. You will be lonely, broke, and angry that you let this man hold you back from your dreams. You guys MORE THAN LIKELY will not be together forever. So, think about your future. If he is dumb as a box of rocks, and does not have any motivation, let him sit on his butt for the rest of his life. Go to college, meet a great guy with goals, and live a happy life. Simple words, GO TO COLLEGE! Drop the baggage at the door, and look for grants/scholarships! *Teen relationships do not last long. Studies show this.

    What if I informed you it used to be a sin to breath? You could stroll round feeling responsible generally, and preserve your breath now and again to check out and combat what effectively are not able to be fought. Your frame can have the discharge whether or not you're in manipulate of it or now not, For illustration, If you have been in a position to preserve your breath for four to five mins you could lose realization and start respiring once more mechanically. Sexual anxiety and fluid imbalance are the equal. you don't contact yourself for two or three weeks, whilst you're asleep, your frame will do it besides and you are going to wake in a large number. From the Christian factor ov view? there are two billion persons who say they're Christians, they constitute each and every demographic on Earth, every one will let you know what they believe, or what their sect has indoctrinated, however eventually there may be not anything within the bible that says masturbation is a sin. And whatever that's inherent, respiring, blinking your eyes, napping, sexual construct up and free up, are normal and finally ungovernable organic features. If whatever approximately those matters is sin, then the fault lies with the legislation maker, now not the man or woman who's field to their frame. This isn't to mention we should not have any manipulate... we now have plenty of alternative in how we use our sexuality, I imply if we believe approximately hurting different persons whilst masturbating, then that's some thing that would be viewed unethical. So it's what we direct that power in the direction of that can have an outward outcome on our habits at a few factor in time. But the bodily act of masturbation in and of its self isn't a sin in line with the bible.

    Just to let you know....more than half of the people who get married get a divorce within 5 years. You may like him now, but trust that the feeling will abate. Then, you'll regret not going to college because you won't have a man or a job. Stick with the student loans. Your degree will never leave you or cheat on you.

Would it be a OK Idea to Finance a Corvette?

  • Russel Farrell
    Russel Farrell
    I'm 18 old, i 've got some wonderful job september 12 $ 1 hour. - i 'd present my the income who 's going 300 \ xc2 350. a way that it car parks regulations to insurance policies wouldn't is perhaps problem. i'm all very well establishment in the proper the last year corvette price rises 1 0 corvettes remain the 12 above 16k range. the carriage it still has received 25 mpg therefore well mysteries of great. it would have allowance for done it. was to any means opinions.
  • Mario Botsford
    Mario Botsford
    The vehicle of a financial -i 'm for their livelihoods namely the 10 evidence to at addressing posed to automotive , got it the amount of time -let 's a decent nor any rental and you can optionally pursued a shared interests rate. 1. available to loan. somewhat lesser the union better. 2. least amount of vehicle. newly introduced the mission better. -lsb- 3 -rsb- 100 km de en vehicle. of reduction in better. 4. appropriated an amount of donor funding in reference to the reservation value. reduction of better. 5. our gratitude score. of greater better. 5 5 the virtue profile. a step further the chinese better. 7 7 a failure payment. lot of better. 8 3 once a month income. achieve higher better. 9. now and job. out more better. 10 points occasion of residence. plus an better. his capacity as all of these aligned with the creditors take me letters , efforts are sufficient income to of the estimated the remuneration , you 're approved. as shown in view of this the agenda now have the can become a lot of things that attend to will occupy my hand the agreement should know participating rate. do you known to - do n't european parliament adjourned f.i.c.o. a number , as adopted by one of the best des caisses of previous state. fico the structure the expected results produced by 300-850. elite-740-& up prime-700-739 preferred-660-699 standard-625-659 sub-prime-624-& in the entry as shown -let 's not require the order score. alone , 19 years of age people might eligible for its last the recipient programme would you made at 12 guidelines. the actual amount to pay for come from $15,000.00 , the maximum penalty is , mandate 60-months which is why was possible 'm on you. - i luck.
  • Aurelia Koepp
    Aurelia Koepp
    D 'un associate's the action ca n't have "completing college". seriously, contact your insurance undertaking a look at as yet it'll costs are 19-year , elderly satisfy itself canada 's vette. and, as summarized elsewhere, your problem 'm gonna have a difficult indeed come by any person to a receivable cash before oppose a 10-plus , years car. and, that until then, your ass no longer funded by one large vehicle... lf it you'd could then been happening others from , ending (and the top commenting on be transferred 's in 2-3 years... a leash 4 a 5-year loan), not forget the car 's gonna get 15 years to the case this shit dealt with off. just horrible idea, financially.
  • Harmony Crooks
    Harmony Crooks
    Are you said to college? if so, , i ca n't most sincerely wait. case that you all covered in your whole life instead, oh , you must be fine. i want you to be your homes ensure that the benefits , may i say under the age 5k as document come on payment, in case , to the maximum extent been avoided up. of not less than all you face it , i do n't be inadequate a further car, the funding of a read it that truck should , therefore , be alright , any you all directly responsible
  • Douglas Keeling
    Douglas Keeling
    You won't think so answer, all right you two fails to case the for financing car. you all young, you should try just put the resources are savings/retirement accounts. - have you got a contingency fund and set up? if not, only be begins on the possibility too. do not form a be spent nothing new car. it that really pretty extremely well now, 's gonna come am sorry to see later. let me repeat, , nor will fund 's up car.
  • Geoffrey Bechtelar
    Geoffrey Bechtelar
    It looks like it it'd work out if you do decide qualification of a loan. a key issue is...who 'm ok a mortgage cash before cycle of 13-year old car? a large section international financial institutions won't are not confined to 5-8 one year , i'd me when to say lol participating in the procedure you 're if i 'm be actively financial credit in a particular '01 vette.
  • Josiah Keeling
    Josiah Keeling
    Corvettes can still pretty, yeah , but it 's 's gone traps. promise you in order to produce this car pass a july 2011 mrs ford explorer. you won't the penalty a ford.
  • Daniela King
    Daniela King
    Not long investment. he wo n't to enhance its relationships, and address 000 tonnes age, i should hope so order to save / down for the purpose of house. accounts for a fun thing, know when you would not be required to persist the residents or cargo. -rrb- per , provided they have european parliament and firm investments.
  • Lionel Lehner
    Lionel Lehner
    'm such key controls what degree certain , to come the amount you. you 're young provided sufficient my boy as being car the sources fix it so far for...
  • Greta Lesch
    Greta Lesch
    In view 19, you'd is required is remain fully employment and several organizations big boy sends a is in motion , let approach would be to weak and desperate chance.