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    Was contacted by amero acquisition partners about a nearly six year old debt with HSBC/orchard bank for 1400 that they claim I owe. I think it was from an old credit card that had a small balance from before I moved out of state and fees over time snowballed it. First call was asking if I would be around to be served papers over a lawsuit when I contacted them by they said they were gonna sue for a total of 5k in court fees and debt. I stupidly panicked and agreed to a payment plan which I know was recorded. I have read really bad things about this company, are they legit? They are based in cali. Debt was out of Winter Garden and I live in nh. They will auto debit my account next month unless I change the account number or freeze it. I am not sure if I have hit the SOL for Winter Garden but I think it's close. Will agreeing over the phone to pay reset the clock for a Winter Garden debt? Or does it go by Winter Garden law? Which I believe requires me to sign something. Don't want to block payment if they can sue for even more and win. They sent a letter that only shows my original account number, last 4 of social, and some garbage about it being a settlement letter. Hoping to find out if I condemned myself to pay or can still fight. Please, knowledgeable answers only. Tired of stressing over it. Would really like to know about this company too, can't find much on it but people are saying they will pretend to be your local sheriff to scare you into paying. Any help appreciated, thank you.

    I'm afraid you made a mistake here. The statute of limitations on debt in Winter Garden is six years. If the date that you defaulted on this loan is over that period, they could not have collected it. Also, they lied to you about serving you with papers. If they were in the process of serving you, a debt collector would not be talking to you. This would be handled by an attorney who filed the lawsuit. By giving them your banking information you have reaffirmed the debt. The statute of limitations has been reset and there is nothing you can do at this point. Additionally, firms like this are NOTORIUS for hitting your bank accounts for the entire amount owed and not just a payment. Look at your account carefully.

    Unfortunately you should NEVER speak to these people over the phone, never call them back and never agree to anything if it's not in writing. As already mentioned, you just restarted the clock on that debt by agreeing to pay them. If you close the account, that is fraud and you can face criminal charges, not just civil charges You need to get a Debt Validation letter from them Winter Garden WRITING to see what you owe. But you are correct in that you were recorded - you always are - and are now legally obligated to pay them according to what you agreed to

    Agreeing to pay over the phone can generally restart the debt clock. Whether you hit the SOL or not no longer is relevant.

    Contact HSBC to find out if you owe them money. If you do, try and pay something to them every month otherwise, if this is true, they can take you to court and force you to make payments. Don't ruin, if you haven't already, your credit history. It is important to keep good credit in the event you want to buy a car or a home or obtain add'l credit cards.

    Bob, if you want some information about this so-called company, hit me up at my email address getnvisualz@yahoo.com

    Your debt was too old. You were dumb to talk to them. If you reaffirmed the debt (made any payment) then you are screwed.

    Never gave too much thought about that

    The police ... i think only the police can take money from somebody cause they can check your pockets , i was a quick learner

    Yes I think it is true

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