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    I think someone over the internet may have stolen my info. i got a call from a police department in Winter Haven and I live in FL. They said I got a loan from somewhere and they gave me the last 4 digits of my social. I checked the date on my accounts that they said I received the loan, and there is no proof I received anything in my accounts. The guy on the phone threatened I would go to jail and I would need a lawyer. Has this ever happened to anyone? I believe I will go to my local courthouse and notify them of the matter!

    There are a variety of collections firms that routinely impersonate law enforcement in order to scare people into paying. If you are called by someone who identifies themself as a detective or a law enforcement official there are several things you can do. 1) Ask for their badge or serial number, and make sure you have the spelling of their name right. 2) Ask for the full name of the department or agency they work for, including the city. 3) Look for that department or city's information online, and then call the department and confirm that there is indeed a law enforcement officer with that information working there. 4) If all the above is true, then you can consider talking with them further. However, law enforcement agencies do NOT do civil collections, (generally).. and from what you described, this is a civil matter. Do not provide them with any information, and make sure you write down the phone number that called you. I hope you had caller ID. That number may be useful when the legitimate police track down the scam artist a/k/a collections agent who has probably violated a number of state and federal laws.

    This is a scam.if you have never been to NY,you know it's a scam.if you committed a crime,a real policeman wouldn't be calling you and telling you you need a lawyer and your going to jail.evidently someone got your name and social security number. if you have caller Winter Haven on your phone,did a number show up when you answered the phone?you need to go to the police or the FBI and report this and notify your bank and maybe get a new bank account or let your bank no not to allow activity on your account that looks suspicious.

    It is a scam The police do not call about loans. Debtors prison has not been here in the USA for over 100 years.

    This is almos certainly a scam. The police do not call to other jurisdictions, and it's unlikely that any civil case (a loan is civil) will result in an arrest. They are scamming you, trying to get you to pay them money.

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