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    I have read mixed reviews about Ashworth-most are saying that it isnt accredited like it says it is and that credits wont transfer to other schools--BUT i am looking into the Medical Office Assisting program which is just a diploma. Since im not transferring any credits anywhere do i really need to worry about that? I already have my Phlebotomy Cert and need Medical Assisting to find a job. the price is fabulous-materials are included. Any experience with this?

    If you need a diploma in Medical Assisting, you can find a legitimate school that will give you the opportunity to earn one. Do you need to worry about whether the school you attend is accredited by (1) the state accrediting agency and (2) your regional Association of Colleges and Schools? Yes, you most certainly do. All accreditation means is that the school has undergone a reporting process and has been found to be doing what it says it's doing by an official agency. The school doesn't have to be doing a good job of educating its students to be accredited--just have faculty and staff whose own education meets certain minimums; have one or more educational programs, a plan to carry them out, and a way of tracking their results; and have a library. In other words, accreditation is a minimum standard. Reasons you need to worry about accreditation: 1. You're paying for an education. If you're not getting the education you're paying for, the "school" is ripping you off. 2. It's not the diploma that will get you the job, it's what you know when you go for interviews. It's not the diploma that will keep you employed, it's what you know on the job. If you're untrained, it doesn't matter how many diplomas you have that say you're trained; you won't last long on the job. And the medical assisting field is highly competitive; there are some sharp cookies out there going through real classes, and that's who you'll be competing with. BTW, it's not the diploma that you present when applying for a job, it's the transcript. 3. While you have no plans for further schooling now, that could change completely in the future. For example, an employer could determine that the employer needs for you to go back to school and get further training, so arrangements are made for you to attend school. When you submit your transcript for evaluation, the registrar falls off the chair laughing and tells you that you will have to start over at the beginning, because not only will nothing you "took" at that diploma mill transfer, you might want to save yourself embarrassment and not mention that you "went" there. 4. Employers are increasingly demanding certification of medical assistants. In order to become certified, you must graduate not only from an accredited school but also from an accredited medical assistant program. 5. If you need financial aid, the school you attend must be accredited for you to qualify for low-cost student loans and most grants. My recommendation would be for you to get in touch with your local community college and take a look at their Medical Assisting program. Ask about the school's and the curriculum's accreditations and how many graduates pass the state's licensing exams (assuming your state has them). You can also ask about the percentage of graduates who are working in the field. My reasoning is that the medical assisting curriculum is going to require a laboratory component and probably an internship. While much of the coursework may be done on line regardless of the college you attend, the lab portion and any internship will have to be done in person with a person supervising. P.S.: I see that the Ashworth online High School is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). However, the college is not. You might inquire whether the school has applied with SACS for accreditation and is in the process of completing the requirements.

    Hello. I am giving you some information about the Ashworth College Online. I think Life is good when you are connected with Ashworth College. Ashworth College is an online school that offers bachelors, associates, masters and degree certificates. They have a large variety of programs and everything is strictly online. I enjoyed my Health Care Administration program through Ashworth College. For more details click the source link. Thank you.

    My son is taking a course from there. So far, and he is in his last semester, he has been satisfied. He will not be having any credits transferred either so I really don't see any problems if you have a diploma. Of course, I can only give an opinion because he hasn't finished yet. Just thought I would give you our experience. I am sure there is someone out there that can help you out a little more than me.

    Ask them. If they can't give you a good answer, or if you are expected to find a site to do this at--do not take the program.. It is doubtful anyone would hire a Winter Haven who's education was on line.

    They are Accredited just go to the U.S. department of education or look them up at chea.org. don't take anyone's word just look it up your self it is pretty easy. Or just call the school.

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