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    Ok so my husband is active duty army. He is going to try and reenlist for stabilization however I just read online that's for 1-12 months. So after a month we could receive orders? We are not in the best financial situation right now. We are filing for bankruptcy and currently have $200 in savings. We are BROKE and our credit is horrible, I mean bottom of the barrel. Probably 400's. I am afraid we will get orders and move somewhere that military housing has a wait list or something. We have no extra money for deposits etc and our credit is so bad there is zero chance of us getting housing that's not military housing. Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this? I'm so afraid of this happening. We are doing credit counseling and trying to save money but for the time being this is our situation. Any advice would be appreciated and please be kind, we know we have made poor decisions to get to this point. Thank you!

    1. Just because you read something online doesn't mean it is true. You husband needs to talk to a career counselor or senior NCO in his unit to get a legitimate answer as to when he might get PCS orders. 2. You should have a Soldier and Family Support Center on post. In addition to your credit counseling, they have other services you should look into. 3. PCSs have provisions for advance pay: Army Emergency Relief is another option for a loan if necessary.

    Yeah probably not gonna happen unless they pay for everything. It's hard to move anywhere if you don't have any money, a car to get you there or a pot to piss in and the terrible credit situation just compounds things since you don't have too much choice of where you live once you get there.

    Most people spend too much money. Give up the following. Cell phones, cable TV and internet. Newspapers, magazines and any paid news service. Do your own hair and nails. Stop smoking and drinking. Only have one car. You get a job.

    Actually if he is in that bad a shape he could just as easily get kicked out. poor financial planning is actually he number two reasons o be discharged( after peeing hot on a drug test). the only person who HAS to move for a PCS is HIM..and they DO NOT GIVE A DAMN that your piss poor finances make it difficult for his dependents to follow. of course, when he shows up without his dependents and asks to be placed into barracks he then forfeits his BAH. also no Family Sep entitlement either. 90% of the time whatever got you Winter Haven to this mess could have been avoided. in that case you need to make some very drastic choices.

    I really have no idea what type of advice you're looking for ma'am. Not a single poster on this forum can assist you in this matter.

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