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    I work at JCPenney and we are trained to write the driver's license number of customers paying by check on the check they are using. Once I had a customer who worked at a bank (she still had her bank polo shirt on) tell me as I was writing her license number on her check that it was illegal to do that. To me, this seems like it should be illegal and I have not done it since (even though all of my co-workers still do). I tried looking it up online but I had no luck. Anybody know about this?

    Ya know, there are times I really want to tell someone that the answer they've given is a total crock of... But of course, I'll receive a nasty-gram from Yahoo. So let's give a legitimate answer to your question. In SOME states, yes, it is most definitely illegal. I can't tell you which ones right off, but if you email my profile, I can look up your state. Even in states where it's not illegal, in these days of Winter Haven theft, it's in poor practice to do so, and a store of Penney's stature should encounter public condemnation for encouraging it. For that reason, I doubt it's the store, but some lower level managers at YOUR store. Bad checks can be traced through the bank just as easily as through a D/L. A D/L is no more certain than any other phony information provided by crooks. And to finalize it, federal labor law prohibits a company from withholding money from a paycheck for expenses caused by an employee's improper behavior. Only as required by law (taxes, SS, garnishments, etc) or by mutual agreement (insurance premiums, 401K, company loans, etc) can money be withheld. For all other reasons, a company's only recourse is termination or recovery through court action. A company cannot even coerce an employee to "agree" in order to keep his job. Where legal liability comes in for accepting a bad check is when complicity occurs. The employee was a willing part of an action intended to defraud the company.

    Heh heh I have a couple of polo shirts from banks that I've dealt with. First of all, it is not against the law. Secondly, if the check turns out to be fraudulent, and you did not take the required information, JCPenny can require you to refund them the amount (this is legal, and there is enough case law that upholds it).

    It is standard protocol to write a state driver license/ID on a check when presented for payment. This is for identification purposes, so no it is not illegal.

    No they use your dl to find you if the check bounces.

Amazed...preowned or new?

  • Libbie Okuneva
    Libbie Okuneva
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  • Gloria Sauer
    Gloria Sauer
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  • Godfrey Walter
    Godfrey Walter
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    Hilton Beatty
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    Kylie Pfeffer
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    Bryana Schamberger
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    Niko Schimmel
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  • Gerson Predovic
    Gerson Predovic
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    Kylee Gulgowski
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  • Ora Hand
    Ora Hand
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  • Sigrid Stark
    Sigrid Stark
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