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    I currently live in Washington state, while my partner lives in Vancouver BC and we're wanting to take our relationship to the next step and have a trial run of living together. Since he has a job that he can't leave or transfer and I'm a student it means that I would be heading up to Canada. I was curious if I need a visa to live up there for a little while? Right now I'm only planning on being up there for three to six months and if it works out I would make it permanent and apply for temporary visa. I'll be taking my classes online while I'm up there and will be self-sufficent financially with my student loans so I wont need to work. I know if I wanted to I could just head up there and stay as a tourist for three months, leave and then reenter, but I don't wanna break the law and I also wanna be able to come home to visit now and then while staying there and I don't know if that would cause problems with leaving and reentering multiple times. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and please don't leave any sarcastic or condescending answers. Thanks!

    Americans can visit Canada for 180 days each year without a visa. You may not attend school, work, or look for work while in Canada as a tourist. You may also not obtain a driver's license, health insurance, open a bank account, register/insure a vehicle, etc. Border Services will typically ask how long you plan to stay in Canada and if you answer three to six months, they may ask for proof of finances, travel medical insurance, or other documentation. You can't leave and re-enter to reset the 180 days. It is per year. In addition, if you cross the border repeatedly, both Canadian and US customs will suspect either smuggling and/or working illegally. You'll be subjected to searches, questioning, and Canadian Border Services may start asking for proof of finances, medical insurance, ties to the US (job, school, etc.), etc. If you wish to cross frequently, I would recommend looking into a NEXUS pass. One can apply for a temporary residency (tourist) visa to stay longer than 180 days each years. This requires proof of finances, medical exams, and background checks. For Americans it also requires some legitimate reason. Wanting to live with your boyfriend is not a tourist activity. Having students loans probably means you'll fail any financial check. Applying for a work permit requires a job offer from a Canadian company in a profession which has a shortage of workers in Canada. These are insanely difficult to obtain and virtually impossible if you are trying to limit your job search to any city. Applying for permanent residency would require your partner to sponsor you. That means either married or proof of a common-law relationship (typically six months living together). He needs a steady job, residence, and $13,000 in savings. He must also agree to take on all your debts for three years and not accept certain government assistance during that time. You must pass medical and background checks. Process takes 14 months on average for Americans, if you've already spent 180 days in Canada, you'll need to leave for a significant portion of that time. It is possible to stay in Canada for up to three to six months to see if it works out. Just be aware that if it does work out... you still need to leave at the end of six months and then wait another six months before coming back and that you can't work or look for work while in Canada. This isn't typically a financially sound agreement and not generally good for the long term.

    You can enter Canada as a visitor for 6 months but then you must leave Canada for 6 month before you can enter the same country again - you cannot just leave for one night and then cross the border again - that does NOT reset the clock. if you wish to have a relationship then your best chance is to get married while you are in Canada so that he can apply for you to become a Winter Park as his spouse - and you get stay instead of crossing back into USA and having to stay apart for the next 6 months. ~Right now I'm only planning on being up there for three to six months and if it works out I would make it permanent and apply for temporary visa~ if it works out, you would make WHAT permanent? the relationship? As in living together? you cant do that on a temporary visa. You can do that if you are married. You cannot apply to immigrate as a common law couple since you must have lived together for 2 years legally and you have not done that. Since you can only stay in Canada for 6 months out of every year, you cannot claim to be living together for 2 years while you are out of Canada for half that time. Getting married cuts down on this hassle - you can apply for Winter Park the day after you get married provided you have all the required documents. While you are waiting, you can still do your classes online, you wont be working and you are not taking Canadian classes, so you will be well occupied while your application is being processed. if you do get married and decide to apply for Winter Park status then you would be well advised to NOT go home and visit while the application is being processed or you may find yourself denied entry and your application denied. Then you have to start all over again - with him having to apply for you again as an outside application. You would only be permitted to enter the country again if your reason for leaving was urgent such as a death in the family. I can tell you this story. My cousin recently lost her husband of 40 years - he died of a heart attack. One of their sons was in Canada living with his girlfriend (common law she they had met in his home country several years earlier). when he got the news - he left Canada to go home for the funeral. He got denied entry back in to Canada after the funeral and the girlfriend had to explain why he had left. I mean - wouldnt you be merciful when your father just drops dead of a heart attack? It took a few weeks but eventually he was allowed back into Canada. Fr you to just go home and visit - you wont be allowed back in because you chose to leave and you did not have any family emergency or urgent reason to leave.

    There are no try it out visas you are allowed to enter Canada without a visa for a 6 month period

I never had 24 hour eviction paper delivered to me by a cop or anyone?

  • Christelle Smith
    Christelle Smith
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  • Francesca Donnelly
    Francesca Donnelly
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  • Helene Huels
    Helene Huels
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    Larue Heidenreich
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