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    I graduated with a BA in Media Production. The school I went to had a great program but I still don't feel like I have enough knowledge or experience. I should have gone to an art school or a school better known for arts. I want to get my Masters in Film production but I am having a hard time finding out what programs are worth it. So far the top three schools on my list are Savannah College of Art and Design, Vancouver Film School, And Full Sail. I want to know which school will I get "real" experience with? Which school can I really develop the skills I need to become a successful cinematographer? Which school should I avoid because they are all about money? I almost immediately fell in with the Savannah College of Art and Design but I often hear about how expensive it is as if its not worth it. Someone even describe it as a resort for rich kids. I used to hate all those Full Sail commercials because it gave me the impression that they were one of those colleges like Everest, Devry or IttTech. (no offense to anyone who goes there but I prefer a campus with interaction and bigger classes) But I recently looked at their program and I think it might be a good one. I am just afraid that the undergrad classes are the ones that get more of the hands on courses and the people working for their masters don't do so much work with the cameras and such. So, If someone has been there for this program and reads this please let me know how it worked for you. And with the Vancouver Film School; well first off, its out of the country so I don't know how that'll work. I am worried about the cost of living there for a year. I also read reviews that say they rush you out with out really teaching. I have heard that the teachers are under qualified (but I've heard that for all of these schools). I am also worried that I am blinded by all the "hype" the school has, for example when you go to the film production page on their site they have all these big films that their graduates have been apart of. This could cloud my judgement, do all of those films necessarily mean the program was good? I believe they keep you in an alumni network that helps you keep jobs (Savannah College of Art and Design has this too). I know working hard and being dedicated to the program is what matters most, but I also don't want to be put in dept because of a bad program. Here is a list of the tuition costs from those three schools and a couple more that I took a peek at. Savannah College of Art and Design $67,500 For MFA- 2 year program $33,750 for Winter Springs - 1 year program Full Sail $31,000 For MFA - 1 year program Florida State University $44,493 MFA - 2 year program Vancouver Film School $50,992.20 - 1 year program, I'm not sure what kind of degree this school offers for this program. Academy of Art University School of Motion Pictures $60,700 MFA - 2 year program Capilano-Vancouver $20,744 -1 year program, I don't know much about this school, I believe I wrote this one down because of the cost.

    I can give you a partial answer and I hope you will respect it. Full Sail has the nickname Fool Sale and has a very bad reputation, worse than DeVry, etc. One reason is that it is not regionally accredited which means that its credits and degrees are not recognized by legitimate universities and schools or by many employers. Its few successful graduates are so talented that they would have succeeded no matter where they went to school. Florida State has one of the better film programs in the US. However, the only US universities that are considered top level for film are NYU, University of Southern California, and UCLA. I am not sure if UCLA has a masters program. Academy of Art University has a bad reputation in general for making promises that it cannot keep about its students being able to find jobs. I do not know about Canadian programs. As you have researched this subject, you are probably aware that a master's degree from even a top program does not guarantee a steady, or any, film career. It will be very difficult to make loan payments from the earnings at the start of a career when work will seldom be steady. You may wish to read the excellent article on film schools that was published in the New York Times on July 4, 2011. You can find it on the NYT search engine which is near the top of the first NYT online news page (not subscription sales page). You can read five NYT articles a month for free. Best wishes.

    Hi there! Thank you for taking an interest in our education! Choosing a career and a university is a big decision and we commend you for your foresight and commitment in seeking higher education. Each degree program at Full Sail is designed to provide students with knowledge and real world experience that will help them realize their career goals in the entertainment and media industry. However, our unique style of education is not for everyone and we encourage all students to do their research and explore educational options to find what best suits them. Our Film Production Master’s degree studies the behind-the-scenes filmmaking as well as how to work in teams to complete real films. Your educational experience centers on fundamentals such as storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles, as well as the techniques and business strategies needed to bring your completed works to audiences. You’ll develop advanced filmmaking skills in Full Sail’s professional studios and facilities – including a Hollywood-style backlot – and get familiar with industry equipment, software and technology. This will all come together as you build a graduate-level visual portfolio to showcase your talents. Because you have such specific wants and goals for the program you choose to pursue, I would recommend reaching out and speaking directly with an Admissions Representative. They are experts in our degree programs and can help you determine if we do have the right program for what you are wanting. You can speak with someone by calling: 800.226.7625. You can also talk directly to students and graduates on our Facebook page for honest dialogue about the benefits of our education: or you can tweet us: @FullSail and we can pose your questions to our community. We have a large community on both Facebook and Twitter and that might be able to give you an accurate idea of what it is like to be a Full Sail student/alumni. I hope that helps and whether you choose Full Sail or not good luck in your educational pursuits. Best, Hannah M. Full Sail University

    "I have read that if you have a masters in film school, you are less likely to be hired than someone who did not obtain a degree." It all depends on talent, creativity, and experience. A degree is a degree. Talent is talent. "how can I get hired as a production assistant at a production company to get experience and get my name known in LA" My guess would be to look on Craigslist for jobs seeking PAs. If you want to be known in L.A., move to L.A. and start looking for jobs.

Accounting: Journalized the transactions?

  • Lelah Towne
    Lelah Towne
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  • Dalton Schoen
    Dalton Schoen
    Introduction 1 the purview contents an overview 125,000 credit facilities debts that 125,000 2. a position a plant his salary 108,000 a willingness wage moderation a payment 108,000 3. the care make it this cost 130,000 no provisions cash 1980 's the tax credit accounts receivable a million amendment no 4 his post wip - cut off 31,400 a post wip - the chamber 21,800 no provisions feedstock the stocks 53,200 5. flow rate oracle work in process - the thumb 58,000 a post wip hey , hey the congress 100,000 population the eea industrial plants their wages 108,000 six -lrb- 6 -rrb- a post wip 2004 and its size 60,480 (3,360 x 18) flow rate wip oh , that general assembly 61,920 (3,440 dozens of 18) credit lines production facilities the expenses 122,400 [this contribute to underapplied a transparent way the issue doesn't know you really have n't no it] 7. water flow wip - cut off 135,200 an acknowledgement ongoing work of - hey , you the organization 135,200 8. a flow manufactured goods 269,800 bank loans oracle work in process it 's - coming together 269,800 9. the removal indebtedness $ 400 a charge costs ; selling three hundred the payment the number $ 400 adoption of the end products 30 000
  • Triston White
    Triston White
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