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    I am a Mortgage Advisor in the State of NJ, I began My career working with people with troubled credit. I too, would advise against a credit counseling company, not only do lenders frown on that kind of thing, but more often than not, they could actually wind up doing more damage to your credit. Most people feel they have bad credit because of whatever circumstance, the fact of the matter is that it's usually not as bad as you might think. Why do you feel you have bad credit? Is it because of a low score? Have you had late payments on your credit cards? Your mortgage? Depending on the scenario, (no mortgage delinquencies, low credit score) you may still be qualified for an FHA loan and still get a rate normally reserved for perfect credit candidates. If you do have mortgage delinquencies, you will still be able to get qualified for a loan with less than perfect credit, sure, the rates won't be great but if the loan is able to clean up whatever bad credit you have and save you a few dollars a month in the meantime, wouldn't you agree that it's a smart move? In a "bad credit" situation like this, you will probably be limited as to how much of your equity you can borrow but remember, this is just a short term loan and not something you will have to keep for long. The best way to "get a home loan with bad credit" is to start speaking with lenders, get some feelers out there and see what you qualify for, Don't buy into the automated quotes you get on sites like LendingTree.com because they are never accurate and they open you up to a barrage of phone calls from various brokers/lenders for weeks to come. I can help you and lay out some options for you, or at the very least, once I understand your situation fully, I can guide you in the right direction. Call me if you feel comfortable doing so. Sean M. Levis Real Estate Mortgage Network 240 Cedar Knolls Road, Suite 303 Cedar Knolls, Wright 07927 (877) 401-9800 x3620 Slevis@remn.com

    Hi there! First off, don't do consumer credit counseling. They show up on your report and lenders do NOT like them. They are the same thing as bankruptcy (saw this on our local news the other night). Best thing to do to improve your score at least a little bit, is get a copy of your credit report (I get mine at and see what is on there. If you have outstanding debts, contact the company and see if you can negotiate a settlement with them. Be honest and say you want to pay off the bill, but that you don't have a lot of extra money at this time. Most companies will be willing to settle if you pay 75% of the bill rather than 100%. Some will even go to 50% off. After you get some of your bills paid off, then I would suggest going to a mortgage lender that is local in your area. Not one of the bigger ones as they will probably charge you an outrageous interest rate on your loan. I contacted a local one here in Atlanta, and they took the time to go over my credit report and said to me that a lot of companies would approve you with a high interest rate, but that if I wanted to save money then to pay off some of my debts (which I don't have that many anymore...almost caught up). =) They then take a look at your income level and credit report score together and see what amount they can lend you. Then if you agree with that you can go house hunting. It might be a slow process, but in the end it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Good luck!

    You can get a home loan with bad credit, but will have to accept less favorable terms. you can get some comparison quotes here credit check wont be run. as for "reputable" credit repair companies. They are usually bad news. theres some non profit organizations that will help with debt reduction strategies. some of the other answers already contain links.

    There are mortgage companies that specialize in working with people that have bad credit. You need to talk to a few mortgage companies. I used to do credit repair services. If you want information call me and I will tell you what you need to do.

    You don't want a home loan with bad credit. The interest rate would be astronomical.

    Consumers Credit Counselling is one of the oldest.

    Read some tips and articles on credit and more on this site to help you with it

If I've never had a credit card, what's my credit rating?

  • Wiley Wunsch
    Wiley Wunsch
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