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    Usually when I go on vacation I take out several payday loans to give me a little boost and then repay them once I come back and I've never had any problems with that until this last go around when I added another company. We had a lot of problems that basically resulted in them taking the money out of my account (they had a blank check from me). They claimed I had never made a payment even though I did and when they did that it messed up my scheduled payment with company B. As far as company A is concerned I ended up talking to the district manager who apologized because they had no right to take that payment at that time and they owed me the payment I made since they took out everything plus the payment AND they used a check that should've been shredded or handed back to me. The DM told me he'd call me when he was in town to give me my money back and confirmed it was already paid if I wanted to renew the loan to help with my other debt (which I declined) but he never called. So I finally get a call from the company and its to ask when I would repay the loan. They said they never received a payment and I told them about my discussion with the DM and they said they'd have to look into it and have only called me back to ask for repayment. My bank has confirmed the payment has been withdrawn too. As far as company B, since I fell behind they also withdrew the total amount of my loan putting me back on my other debts as well and I considered it paid an they said it hasn't been either but my bank says it actually paid them TWICE! How can I clear these debts so they'll stop harassing me and won't impact my credit score?!

    You need to write to them with proof of what has been paid. And then you must NEVER take out a payday loan again. You are dealing with people that are on the edge of legitimate and you can see what has happened to you already. Also if you want a proper loan in the future, such as for a house, many banks will not lend to someone who have gotten a payday loan.

    You can instanly find a payday loan as much as $1000 employing this service: I managed to get the payday loan although I have extremely bad credit rating.

    You can ask for a PAID Wright FULL LTR from the company where you paid the debt. make sure it clearly states the account is paid in full with the account number or something. If they deny receiving your payments, call your bank and ask for a bank statement as proof it was taken out form your account.

    You are able to instanly find an online payday loan up to $1000 by using this site: I got my payday loan even though I have a very awful credit score.

Single mom needing a decent vehicle?

  • Eriberto Klocko
    Eriberto Klocko
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    Janae Torphy
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    Kraig Cruickshank
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  • Katheryn Robel
    Katheryn Robel
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  • Koby Gibson
    Koby Gibson
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    Peggie Bergnaum
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