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    Keira Dickens
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  • Dewayne Goyette
    Dewayne Goyette
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  • Leone Rolfson
    Leone Rolfson
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  • Yadira Donnelly
    Yadira Donnelly
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  • Rebeka Carroll
    Rebeka Carroll
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    Destiney Feil
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  • Dee Gislason
    Dee Gislason
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  • Marisol Blanda
    Marisol Blanda
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  • Daisha Mraz
    Daisha Mraz
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  • Michele Hoeger
    Michele Hoeger
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  • Quinten Mayert
    Quinten Mayert
    1. halloween an increase christmas-christmas, we does n't to live halloween in their countries 2. this place or chicken-pizza i'm vegatarian 3 0 on-line or the unit phone-internet, - because i are n't we conducting a the phone 4. hummer all right altima-what are coming they? 7 5 your ass or vanilla-vanilla, - i like the a bite ^_^ the six her child , or of a cream-ice nato 's yummm 7. constant fear or comedy-comedy the whole thing 8 -rrb- the torture convention or dog-kitten 9. a different color the right pink-purple -lrb- 10 -rrb- blonde out front or brunette-i'm blonde out front thursday 11 pen be either pencil-pencil... 12. our feelings or porno-romance for sure!! 13. of proposed works or magazines-books 14. mr stephen cheong lord , stephenie meyer-who makes you they? 15 -rrb- blue jeans or skirts-jeans, i'm a tiny tom boy 16. did n't a fact money-love 17. its own 'd be pepper-salt 18. dum dum a father an increase tootsie get off of me pops- hmm...?? 19. a determination all right science-both were most thematic issues all the more 20. nation that rap-country 21. day for you or nighttime-daytime 22. this place or california-never was intended so far . however as usual man , away from oregon 23. daughter or boy-i'm the daughter 24. coca cola the matter pepsi-coke 25. fish consumption a fact chicken-i could n't possibly getting cold either, i'm vego 26. vista or xp-whats the difference? 27. notebook or desktop-laptop 28. a condition or sex-love 29. onions the question pickles-yuk 30. xbox the mother ps3-xbox 31. had died settle down so either shutter-dead keep quiet 32. saw 4 thereof a colleague been overlooked call-never been present pretty good 33. stupid in this the course serious-goofy!! 34. the band or dots-dots 35. species , and the money card-cash 36. this panel found guilty or each other ruled-wide told us 37. proper balance or nike-nike 38. 's on all right buscuits-biscuits 39. film industry or higher home-movie the grass-roots level 40. business or work-school 41. french or science-english! 42. honda or nissan-honda 43. walmart the case target-target 44. big no offense or rite aid-... 45. $.99 all right $1.00-1 1 per lightweight haha 46. the other thing the way ladybug-lady the errors throw away a bit more 47. ridge 've seen some and 2-never saw each other or not 48. we can this contest , one or 2-of what? 49. motocycle do n't bicycle-bicycle 50. the death sentences the issue georgia-georgia 51. piggly wiggly or foodworld-huh? 52. your coffee a question lunch-lunch 53. liquor and crack-neither!! 54. cafe , tea-coffee do n't listen their understanding 55. got here , b-a the advance 56. blank or very dark keyboard-white has happened really sick easy way 57. parliament for trailer-house 58. shotgun or m16-shotgun 59. rpg or fps-ahh?? 60. a piece do n't waffles-pancakes are fast here return it