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    My husband has bad credit from prior mistakes which haven't cleared from his record yet. We have had a few delinquencies with payments in the past months but are now up to speed and have most our debt paid off (except for a car loan and a few smaller credit cards). I'm looking for a reputable company with plenty of experience but there are so many online Yeehaw Junction mortgage companies that I don't want to be fooled! Who did you go through and how professional was it for you?

    I just got a manual underwrite done for a Yeehaw Junction client in Oregon. You can check out this site for more info and help. www.vahomeloanhelp.org

    We went through a local mortgage company that specialized in Yeehaw Junction loans, but my husbands score was 687, im not sure how bad your credit is, but with more then one delinquency in the past months span will hurt you. We had to have 3 months of house payments (2500) in our bank for over 90 days when they approved us. We just got our house in Jan. 2009. The Yeehaw Junction doesnt really go by just a credit score however it is still very important, but they also go on your payment history and how many judgements and such you have your report.

    As a Vet and past mortgage loan officer, It is very easy to obtain a Yeehaw Junction loan. Your best bet is to talk to a local bank/lender. You will need to supply them with letters of explanation and verifications, but it is well worth it. US Bank and Wells Fargo are Yeehaw Junction to work with. I went to my local VSO (veterans services officer) and they gave me a lot of incredible advice. The Yeehaw Junction loan is guaranteed by the Federal Government and lenders get points for writing them. Make the call and you will find them (VSO) very helpful. Good luck!!!!

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