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    These guys financed me when I didn't have any credit. You may pay a higher interest rate but you can re-finance to a lower one once your credit gets better. Hope this helps b/c I know by experience how much it sucks to be turned down for a car loan Seawest Financial Company 5150 East Dublin-Granville Road Columbus, Yeehaw Junction 43081 United States Toll-Free: 800-297-9331 Phone: 800-297-9331 Fax: 614-825-6008


    Well i live in the portland, oregan metro area and here we have flexcar which you rent at monthly dues and you pick a car send in a schedule and use the car by your shedule

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How long does it take for financial aid.....?

  • Shany Funk
    Shany Funk
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    Dan Kozey
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    Ed Heidenreich
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    Erick Hintz
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