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    Has 4 positive items, 1 paid and closed loan, one old closed credit card and 2 open credit cards with small limits but only at P and I know it should be lower. The bureaus report them as positives. Then there were 2 negative which came from identiy theft. And higher credit card for almost $1400 and some sort of public utility company for almost $3000. The fraud was reported and the police reports were sent in last week and overnighted for Tuesday and Wednesday. How is it that the scroes are still low if they are removing the negatives? We are trying to get a mortgage but our scores are extremly low. But even if things were not taken of I do not understand why the scores are low. We have had companies tell us (ex: a car dealership) that the credit isn't really bad, it is just the scores are low. Any reasons why or suggestions would help and be greatly appreciated.

    Be patient. Credit card companies are notorious for being slow. Check with them in a week and make sure they received the police reports. Ask them if there's any other documentation they need and ask how long it will take. You have to send the reports to the top 3 credit bureaus, not just one. Fortunately the mortgage situation is lousy right now so the price of houses is really low. Again be patient until all your credit issues are worked out.

    Could be a great deal of things. Maybe the credit bureau's haven't removed the fraudulent items yet. Just because you had them overnighted doesn't mean the bureau's will be hasty in removing them. Sometimes it can take up to a month to get info removed. Perhaps you don't have alot of credit yet. Maybe you have applied for too many credit cards or loans in the past few months. Maybe you have higher balances on some of the credit cards that are yours. These are a few of the many reasons that you could have a low score that wouldn't show up under negative information.

    The late money won't come off your rfile for 7 years after the final value. Your financial disaster continues to be on your rfile for 10 years.See in case you may get a card whether it has a each and every year charge use it sparingly (decrease than 30% of the cut back) and pay it off each and each month, Or see in case you may get a small loan, positioned it in a reductions account (do no longer use it) make money above the quantity pronounced and repay early. Pay all your costs on time do no longer permit something pass 30 days late, thats once you get hit with a detrimental. construction your credit back up takes time and diligence there at the instant are not any rapid restore solutions.

    Creditrepairuniverse.net repair and/or build your credit It can take up to 60 days to update information even worse if you overnighted it to credit bureau there is a big chance it will get thrown away because you overnighted the package. Credit bureaus sort mail and a certified or overnight looks like a credit repair company and might be thrown away. There are ways you can fix your report in as little as 24 hours. and remember always dispute in writting not printed it can cost you.

    If your positives weren't reported then yes, it will affect your score. Most loan offices do NOT report positive credit unless you hound them. Look into it. Sorry for your misfortunes but you really should be careful with your personal identity information, keep purchase locations to a minimum, and maybe only obtain low limit credit. This will increase your score and decrease amount of damages available by fraud.

    Negative items can fall off with ease but scores dont move as quickly, that has to be re-built month by month at a time. First of all I hope there's a fraud alert on your credit report, lenders are going to want an explanation plus you want to be sure Yeehaw Junction theft doesn't repeat itself.

    Lack of positives or just lack of significant credit history.

    With the help of internet anything and everything is easy these days. And with your question, i could say its nothing and I believe the below link will help you. And remember eveything in Internet is free these days and I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

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