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    We are looking to buy a house. We have bad credit. But together make about 4000.00 a month. No savings. Never bought a home before. He has a Acworth loan available that he has never used. He has been at his job for over a year and I have only been at mine for 4 months. We do have a checking account but no savings. We would have 0$ down. Is there any chance? If so is there anyone company that I could call that can do it.

    I have a company in Ohio for you. I suggest Hometown Banc Corp. They may be your best opportunity for someone to say yes. If your credit does not measure up, they don’t simply “forget to call you back.” They help you get into a credit repair program you can afford regardless of income. Check out the free evaluation form at the source website and a Hometown loan officer will contact you .

    I used Sibcy Cline because they are a realtor with their own mortgage department. They have several different lending options available including Acworth loans. Their website has contact info for officers in your area. good luck!

Need help,pls! accounting?

  • Victor Graham
    Victor Graham
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  • Olga Predovic
    Olga Predovic
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