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    Even volentarily reposession looks bad on the credit report. What will happen is they will auction the car off and your sister will STILL have to pay the remaining amount on the loan. Lets say the loan is for 11,000$ If the loan company auction the car and gets 6,000 for it, your sister will STILL be responsible to pay the remaining 5,000. Do whatever you can to pay the payments. Some loan companys will defer the car payment for 2 months a year. To do this you have to be up to date on your payments.

    Even if she did that she'll still have to pay for it and it will still effect her credit... although i dont sympathize with people who get themselves in this predicament (because im in a pickel with my auto now and i acknowledge it's all my fault...SO IM LYING Acworth THE BED I MADE) ...i do have a little bit of a heart and will agree on this...car dealers (just like mortgage banks) are predatory..matter of fact anybody willing to give you something on a credit basis is a monster. So many car dealerships pull bait and switch and so many shady practices and although i agree that you should read the print and take responsibility I also agree that lenders should bare SOME responsibility and something should be done to control it. I'm only saying this because I have excellent credit and keeping that credit rating is really one of the most stressful things. I only have 2 good credit cards but whenever I use them i get this impending sense of doom because it has happened so many times now between both cards that they "get my payment late" when i sent it out 3 weeks ahead of time...this is the biggest thing done by all credit cards because they're hoping they can misplace your check and get away with it..or they'll send you your statement only a week before it's due because they want you to be late so your interest rate is no longer 5% but 25%... and that's just one example, CAR DEALERS, insurance, mortgage lenders, health plans...everything is rigged against you and if you aren't careful or intelligent or both you can get rooked over badly that's the biggest problem i have with capitalism because it teaches people and companies to value money and "credit" over human values of treating people compassionately and humanely... It would be so great if we lived in an environment where people clearly explained things to you and sold you what you needed and not what they made you think you needed. so on the other side of the coin tho ppl themselves are responsible for this because they always WANT MORE...when the vast reality is that not many people should be spending more than 20,000 on a car...they shouldn't be taking out huge home loans not at fixed rates...they shouldn't be purchasing a big screen tv if they can't afford to feed themselves...our priorities both as sellers and buyers are messed up. The best thing she can do is send as much money as she can and to call the bank and let them know her situation and stay in contact with them. They will most likely work with her...after all they actually don't want to repo her car. most of the time they auction off the car for less than it's resale value and loan so she'll owe way more than she would have even if she just paid it off with interest.. just don't let it happen... work with the bank and insurance good luck

    It will be a voluntary repo. They will eventually sell it at auction for WAY less than she still owed. Then she will start getting notices for the difference. If she is only one month behind, she should call the company right away. Most places are willing to work with you. Maybe even offer a deferment. They do not want to repo the car because they'll lose money.

    Actually, both is going to kill her credit. Giving a automobile decrease back to the lender (a "voluntary" repo) in straightforward words saves her the fee of having the tow truck grabbing the automobile. both repo technique is observed through the motorized vehicle going to auction (she ought to have the prospect to deliver the account contemporary, besides the actual undeniable actuality that it will be a slender window of time), and as alluded to previously, the motorized vehicle will deliver pennies on the dollar. After this sale is accomplished, the lender will deliver her a bill for the version between what the motorized vehicle delivered at auction and what she owed. they are going to also upload in repo and admin expenses as warranted. If she can't pay this, settle it (now must be the time to get an criminal professional in touch), or paintings some thing else out... they can and could take her to courtroom. The courtroom can order a judgment adversarial to her and achieveable garnish wages and sources reckoning on what state she lives in. So, regrettably, she'll finally end up paying for the motorized vehicle regardless no remember which technique she chooses. that's ideal for her to call the lender now and take a inspect like heck to paintings some thing out. If she is already filing for financial ruin, then she needs to search for suggestion from such as her criminal professional on even if she will contain the motorized vehicle interior the financial ruin or detect a fashion to keep it. The financial ruin will kill her credit purely as undesirable, yet she would not choose both a financial ruin and a repo. **EDIT -- do not try the "have someone take over charge" technique as stated above. the motorized vehicle and the criminal duty (besides because the reassurance!) ought to nevertheless be on your sister's call, and he or she must be responsible for the automobile even with if the "customer" did not make funds. on the grounds that she's in straightforward words a twelve months away, she ought to attempt like heck to promote it to conceal the payoff, yet she'd more beneficial proper hurry...

    Yes she can take it to the finacing company and tell them to repo it. She will still have to pay the balance of the loan. But, if the company can sell it she should only have to pay the difference between what the bank sold it for and what she owes.

    As for the repossession, which ever way it happens it's still a repossession. If you want to take over the loan you would have to approach her finance company or apply for your own to pay hers off. If you pay it off in time & quickly, it will help with her credit summary

    Tell her to call the bank where the loan for the car is and tell them she can no longer afford the car. Her credit will suffer for awhile....

    Why dont you just make the payments for her and drive the car. I'm sure there is a way to switch it on paper that won't make her look horrible. Just buy it from her.

    It will still show as repo... voluntary or not the car will show as failed to pay, ad the auction wholesaleprice will be met,the remainder goes against her... may even be iore than car is worth.. regardless, it will go on her credit, she should try to get someone to take over note, or sell outright and move on..


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