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    Okay If it helps any I've been opening and closing accounts (which I won't do anymore) with credit cards since 2006. I am now 21 years old with only 2 active credit cards and a credit score of 691 rated at fair? I'm not stupid with my money or credit but I still would like some suggestions as to how I can improve is so I get the best deals on my first loan. Thanks for any input!

    At your age you may be doing all you can. You have two credit cards, which is fine. Use them, if only for one tank of gas per month, then pay them off Adel FULL each month. You are correct in not closing any accounts. It's ok to open them if you'd like, one or two more may help a little, just don't close any. Closing accounts does hurt your credit. If you haven't done so order your three credit reports www.annualcreditreport.com and go through them with a fine tooth comb. If there is negative information either work with the company to pay it off, or if it's not yours dispute it through the credit bureaus as well as sending a demand of verification letter to the creditor. 691 is not at all bad. Your first loan, assuming on-time payments will help quite a bit as well. Make sure it's a smaller loan, say a car loan over a mortgage. Then when you get your mortgage you will be getting the best rate possible. For a car loan you are probably at or near the prime zone. For a mortgage 720 and above should be your goal. If you are looking at a mortgage expect to pay 0.25%-0.50% above the best rates. Also, when you are getting a loan, point out your age and your score. A significant part of your score may be simply that you are too young to have significant loans. If the only derogatory information you have is closing a credit card account point that out as well.

    Keep your balances at less than 50% of what is available to you. Keep your available credit under 50% of your income. Time plays a big part in your score keep your accounts open and in good standing for as long as possible. At 21 you don't have much of a history it takes some time to build up a really good score.

    If you are carrying any debt on those credit cards pay it off and watch our score skyrocket. If you can't, keep the amount you carry below 30% of your available credit. You can close old accounts - just never close your oldest account. Closing accounts could have hurt your score because you reduced the overall available credit you had. /

    Jusrt don't open or close any more and keep the two you have and NEVER be late on a payment. a 691 is actually not bad. in a couple years you could have it a 730 which would be awesome for someone who is 23

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    Alysa Lowe
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    Edwin Greenholt
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