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    I have a large balance on one of my credit card accounts that has an insane interest rate so I am looking to transfer it to a 0% card. The problem is, my credit rating has slipped due to late payments and I am having no luck finding a card to approve me. If anyone has gone through this (or has known someone who has) would be so kind to share tips or strategies with me, I would appreciate it! I feel like I am drowning in debt! Thank you in advance:)

    There used to be an old joke about banks only approving people for a loan if they could prove they did not need it. It is the same with credit card companies. Your best best will be to get a bank loan if you can which will have a rate of about 8 percent instead of 24 percent like on some credit cards. I doubt if any credit card will approve you now for the balance transfer. Except for Luigi the loan shark, credit cards are the worst kind of debt that you can have.

    I'm afraid the credit card company won't give you a low rate card unless your credit is rather excellent. Try to obtain a loan from friends / family or the bank at a low rate and pay off the high interest credit card. Otherwise if you can't do that call up your credit card provider and ask them if there is anything that can be done. Sometimes they are willing to help (it may take a few phone calls). All the best to you!

    A 0% interest rate is usually a temporary thing. Unless you have plans to work hard paying off the debt, transferring it to another card isn't going to be much help. Since you've already tried getting other cards, I'd suggest you forget about transferring the balance and just work on saving money and making large payments on the debt. If you need help, try reading "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. He's a little "preach-y" sometimes, but his advice is good.

    Call your credit card company and ask to speak with a supervisor. Tell them that you've got an offer from XYZ credit with a balance transfer offer of 5%, and you are wondering if they would drop your interest rate to match that so that you don't have to bother with transferring your balance. Most of the times the credit company will lower your rate to keep you as a customer. 5% of your balance is better for the company than 0%.

    You won't be able to get a low rate card without an excellent credit rating. So, pay off the existing card as quickly as you can. Even the zero rate cards offer that rate for only a limited time as a promotional gimmick.

    Yes, I can help you. first; accept the inconvenience for 1-2 yrs. Debt is a temporary state if you pay attention. 2nd; stop using any credit cards. 3rd; stop buying anything that is not essential; pay for rent or mortgage on time, utilities on time, gas, insurance, etc. --- with the remaining-- make a small payment to everyone that you owe. if you have one penny left, put it towards paying the next debt. get a 2nd job for 1 yr [or 2] and use that money ONLY for paying down debt. make each monthly payment when due and 2 weeks later, make a 2nd payment of any amount and SPECIFY on the check "to go to principle balance only." pay high interest rate debt first. buy no holiday gifts this year, stop drinking and or smoking. in 2 yrs, you will be debt free Adel you will have your debts caught up.

    You need to call the company and negotiate directly. I think most companies will work with you. Do you have any collateral to offer for a secured loan from a credit union? It won't be 0% but at least it will be a better rate and help you to reestablish your credit. (improve your score) You have to be realistic in terms of what your options are given your circumstances.

    Sometimes you can call and reason with the credit card company to lower your rate because.. A.) You owe a lot of money B.) They want their money C.) If you let them know you are willing and want to pay instead of bankruptcy where they'd get nothing they could be willing to lower your rate. D.) If not, seek a financial counselor who can make the call on your behalf to help you get it paid and at a lower rate. The credit card company doesn't want you to default on it but hopefully you can get them to meet you halfway, in a manner of speaking. Just be nice when you call and they may be more willing to work with you. It's a nice change for them if someone is nice since most of their day is probably spent with people yelling at them.

    You could call a credit counseling agency to help you take control of things they can even get you a permanent lower rate vs a low teaser rate..

    Can you not just pay the debt with the 0% card?

Ren Fest/Faire??

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    Jackie Purdy
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  • Mireya Gislason
    Mireya Gislason
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  • Adolfo Bauch
    Adolfo Bauch
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