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    Hello I am a first time home buyer and I need a loan for $40,000 well actually I have $10,000 down so I guess a $30,000 loan for a home I have found and its lovely built in 06 4 bd 2 ba smells brand new. Do you have any recommendations for a personal lender or company? My credit is not where I want it to be I have no bad credit but my 2 $1,000 loans wont show on my credit until July and besides that I don't have much more credit except a few little things. So I don't really qualify that's what I have been told. Can you help me out? :) Thank You have a nice day.

    Perhaps the current owner would be willing to hold the note or finance it for you. There may also be a relative or friend who would be willing to co-sign with you. Otherwise, you may need to wait until you build your credit before anyone will lend you any money,

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