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    Im in my early twenties, and have avoided temptation and credit card debt by not getting a credit card and paying for things (even my car) with cash. if i don't have it i dont spend it, and with the exception of some student loans, I don't owe anyone anything. lately as I have begun the job hunt, I've noticed that a lot of jobs require credit checks... the thing is that I 'dont have' credit. its not that i was irrisponsible and have bad credit, i just never built any up. does this equally count against me, or are they just looking for 'bad' scores? what ends up coming up is that there is not enough information to pull an accurate report, or else it says i have 100% of my credit available... my mom said i should not get a card to build credit when i suggested it, she says people know a 20 something isnt going to have built up a lot of credit, BUT i think if this is true, isnt it just a sneaky way for employers to also avoid hiring young people (if this is their goal?)? they see they have not made a lot of financial investments and thus assume that the applicant is young and inexpirienced and cast it off with the others who have bad credit? so my question is what are they looking for? JUST negative scores, Albany to see if you have bought into the system and borrowed money as well? i know this shows reliability and stability... its just that its not the only way and i hate to be missing out on something becasue i avoided the credit pit so many have fallen into :/

    Yes u r corret build up your credit have a ccredit card or two, use them and always pay on time. That's how u build ur credit. Ur mom is wrong I m a real estate investor. But ur mom is also tight young people don't have a lot of history and employers know that hence that's fine! They look for bad credit which u don't have which is good . But having good credit better than no credit

    It is determined by the corporation - a few appear at ordinary FICO ratings around the gigantic three credit score organizations, others appear for "gigantic matters", like a chapter, defaults and plenty of dont even appear too deep, only a requirement for HR. I had a scholar mortgage default - Ill prevent the gory main points, however nonetheless used to be bonded and grow to be a certified dealer and considering that have had five jobs wherein it under no circumstances effected me. Good success, dont be too bummed out - all of it would possibly determine subsequently. And a couple of neglected bank card repayments is not anything...

    I personally do not believe it credit cards either but you should have one in case of emergency. They run credit checks just to make sure there is no possible fraud.

Where would you prefer to work: Borders or Whole Foods?

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    Karl Hilll
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  • Letitia Crooks
    Letitia Crooks
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    Maudie Baumbach
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    Ola Haag
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