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    I was in the process of purchasing a home in Las Vegas, Albany through Clark County Credit Union and they said I would have to pay an additional $2700 a couple months after I started the process with them. I forget the reasoning, but isn't this illegal? Turns out I never got the loan because of numerous issues on their side, but if I had I would have been paying close to $8k in all the closing fees for a $68k loan (The home was $85k and I was putting 20% down or $17k down). Any help on agencies I can report these bad lending practices too?

    There are several places to consider. The Nevada government agency has been overwhelmed because of the major economic downturn and effects, but that is the formal place: is a Nevada Fair Housing: in a commercial lender, the Better Business Bureau accepts complaints and follows up on many. Those are the main groups. The key in any lending/borrowing is not signing anything you don't understand. That applies to all contracts. In closing costs of any property, there are many mandated required costs by government regulation, some customary items, and some items added as unregulated fees. You should always go through what they show before moving forward. If you have a list, you can post the thing and see if anyone understands what is real and required, what is normal, and what has been thrown in. In most cases, there responsibility is to list it to you and it is up to you to work with them about what you will pay.

    Good Faith Estimates constantly change. When I refi-ed last year, I think I got at least 3 different versions; maybe 4. How do you know the change was illegal, when you don't even remember what the change was for? Find the paper (no one is going to take you serious without it anyway), determine what the fee was for and then consider filing a complaint.

    I use rip off report.

Stay at homes that babysit for extra cash, or have a home daycare, what are some of the pro's and con's??

  • Randi Terry
    Randi Terry
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  • Marilie Douglas
    Marilie Douglas
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  • Shirley Trantow
    Shirley Trantow
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  • Aditya Herzog
    Aditya Herzog
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  • Jared Mante
    Jared Mante
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  • Genevieve Murazik
    Genevieve Murazik
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  • Carissa Gusikowski
    Carissa Gusikowski
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  • Paige Ziemann
    Paige Ziemann
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  • Marguerite Dooley
    Marguerite Dooley
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  • Jed Corwin
    Jed Corwin
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